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The online world is accelerating business growth. Customers see your business on your website whether you are up or down, working or sleeping – Your pitch is heard every second with a website. So, what should your considerations be for your business growth? The answer lies in your digital presence.

As a helping hand from our behalf, to improve your digital presence, this course will show you a winning 7 step website build process on WordPress – the platform with 1/3rd of all the world’s websites. In fact, Google and other search engines also prefer WordPress over other platforms because of the ease of machine crawling. Crawling is the way through which search engines index your websites for searches.

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Starting Within

Instead of outsourcing your initial website work, we suggest learning to do it yourself. This way, you have full control to service ideal clients or even finding you through a search engine, e.g. Yahoo and Bing. Why are we suggesting this? Building a website on WordPress is simpler and cost effective than you may think with its potential. Not only is it easy with a few pointers but it gives you the power to build the vision for your website.

The Benefit for Us

You may ask why are we doing all this? We believe your business growth is the core of community prosperity. That is why, we want to work together and grow alongside you, learning collectively from the experience. We will gain insights on how local businesses are performing and what is the response rate of businesses towards the digital needs of the day. At the end, we both win by attending the event.

Book Onto WordPress Training in Leicester

By attending the course, you will save on months of research time, and effectively optimise your success speed, avoiding a lot of headache. We will give you our years of experience in website building, showing you the online tools and plugins to use.

We will also be showing you how our business (Airhorse) ranks number one in the hospitality sector and created an online directory, called In My Area. This shows that whether you are new in business or experienced, you can benefit from learning how to make a website on WordPress.

Summary – WordPress Course Leicester

Simply, this course will save you time, in terms of establishing your business. In addition, you will also learn how to form a successful Website strategy to give your website a clear direction. If you’re a start-up or need an upgrade to your business face with a new website and you would like to know how to make the necessary changes, then this WordPress course Leicester should be your top priority.

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