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Woodsteam – Amazon and CRO Case Study

There is a whole world between having products to sell and making money from it. The selling process is complex and each step of it is the opportunity for many different skills to thrive.

Therefore, every company with strong growth potential and willing to make the best of it to expand need these skills to reach their target, or even exceeding it.


The British company Woodstream was well aware of this fact when they decided to expand their sphere of influence to the whole of Europe.

Woodstream offers a wide range of household items designed to improve everyday life, offering innovative products, fruit of scientific research and new technologies.

The company is present on most major e-business platforms, using every available channel to thrive; one of the most profitable platforms out of which being Amazon.

After building up a successful market in the UK around 13 brands, the decision was made to have a go in other European countries.

To start off, an Amazon marketplace was opened in France, for 4 major brands. Sadly, no one was assigned to manage this marketplace and it remained fairly unsuccessful until the European Amazon Account Manager realized the potential of this uncultivated land and decided that something needed to be done to reap the rewards & reach the targets.

That is where Victoria come in. She was left with the responsibility of making Woodstream thrive on the Amazon French Market.

Amazon Advertising Platform

The Amazon Advertising platform provides numerous options e.g. ways

  1. to advertise your items,
  2. to reach relevant customers,
  3. to choose the type of campaign you want to launch, in accordance with your brand, your products, your customers, and your objectives.

All in all, the Amazon Advertising platform is a highly flexible, allowing you to

  1. optimise your sales and the efficiency of the account,
  2. modify the images of the brand and enhance its influence through aesthetic psychology.

Breakdown of Victoria David ‘s Services

Backed by all these resources made available, Victoria David proceeded step by step.

Just like for most commerce platform or search engine, you have two ways of showcasing your products and putting them in the spotlight:

  1. organic research, and
  2. sponsored ads.

The following steps were taken to optimise the campaigns – a mix of organic and sponsored ads in essence.

  1. The first stage was to create a solid base for marketing, making sure all the products are nicely displayed/featured, before actually advertising them.
  2. Then, translating the product data from the original language (English) to the language of the target marketplace (French), to adjust them to the French customers.
  3. Afterwards, the product pages were finally created, with a focus on the deciding factors – key element for making the choice of the end customer (Titles/Bullet Point/ Images). Possibly, almost as important is the constant watchfulness and maintenance of the product data through the dedicated platform Vendor Central.

Launching Ad Campaigns

Once the solid base established, Victoria started to showcase the products and the brands by launching ad campaigns. How do you proceed?

  1. First thing first, you need to define a commercial strategy and point out objectives (general & numeral), that is going to influence your future choices in terms of ads. Once again, Amazon gives you the opportunity to be flexible when it comes to ad campaigns shapes, content, target, categories, etc. Amazon offers two different selling method, according to the selling system you want to implement (Seller Central to sell your products straight to customers without 3P, via the Amazon platform; Vendor Central to sell your products to Amazon).
  2. Next, Victoria used all the advertisement options available with a view to reaching the objective previously defined by planning and creating Ad campaigns according to the commercial strategy aforementioned. (3 types of ad campaigns are available, making your ads visible on search results pages and relevant product pages, directing customers to your product detail page or Store).

Afterwards, sales data need to be managed weekly, as well as ad performances.

Sellers need a steady monitoring, to be able to adjust bids, budgets, and keywords.

The latter are crucial as Amazon ads are based on PPC system (Pay Per Click). It was therefore essential to proceed to key-terms identification for customer visibility, search, and bidding options, in the process of creating the campaigns.

Added Management of Products

Victoria’s weekly duties also include managing revenue, daily budgets and ROI via Amazon Advertising (new name for Amazon Marketing Service).

A solid and regular reporting system is also essential in Victoria’s view to make all this happen, and she kept developing and improving the existing system:

This allows a much better and more accurate analysis and it guides future actions and adjustments that need to happen following the accomplishment of performance review.

The heart of the marketing was now ready, and very quickly started to show results, as per the time and money invested on it.

For this point on, the job mostly circles added projects aiming at spreading the brand and the development of the brand & items in the market in question.

Added activities for projects include

  1. targeting key aspects of the marketing, for instance the star rating or the relations with the customer.
  2. answering customer reviews to create a lasting relation with the customer,
  3. creation of A+ pages and brand stores,
  4. development and translation of user manuals,
  5. subtitled translation for explanatory videos regarding some items,
  6. building a consistency inside the brand, for instance by creating families of products (groups of similar products with easier access from one to another, making the navigation more consistent for the end customer),
  7. using key commercial events (eg: Black Friday) to develop the market further

The Results

As a result of  this marketing strategy, the figures speak for themselves. Within one year (October 2017 – October 2018), brand revenues were increased between 400 and 800% for various products, with an overall ACoS never exceeding 20%. Such significant progress convinced the company to put Victoria in charge of the creation and maintaining of the Spanish Amazon Account, based on her experience with the British and French Amazon marketplaces.