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Airbnb Management – Website Ranking On Google Case Study

The idea of Airhorse came from a short weekend trip in January 2017 to Cotswold.

The now-founder of Airhorse stayed in a lovely castle-type accommodation available through Airbnb. The accommodation had an amazing interior and great views. But, the poor hospitality and management dented the overall experience.

The lack of up to mark service at the accommodation planted the seed of a new business idea – quality Airbnb hospitality and management.

So, the very next day, research was started to find hosting services throughout Airbnb.

Luckily, the market was open and available, with little competition. On top, the little competition out there had little to no digital presence.

Pouncing on the opportunity, within a week, the Airhorse domain was purchased and the construction of a solid strategy was underway through the help of Marketing Voice – building a new Airbnb management business.

The Business Proposition

Build relationship with property investors and manage their portfolio of properties on Airbnb.

Identifying and Tackling Issues

Estate Agents and alike know that the letting industry is highly competitive. Therefore, timing and quality is key to success and holding properties in the long-term.

Building Business Foundation

Building the business foundation for Airhorse had four steps and took two weeks:

a. The strategic business plan – helped the business identify and map out its potential.

b. The Strategyzer Innovation Sprint model and post-it notes – helped in drawing the full customer journey. This led to the business understand the expectations and how to maximise the customer value and experience.

c. Potential side issues identification and risk management plans – to tackle with varied challenges. This helped the business prepare for and create gearing plans for future challenges.

d. The website structure – helped the business establish a digital presence early-on during the journey.

Then, it was time for the real world hard work; going after property investors.

Digital Marketing Success Input

Stage 1 – Clarity of Services

The following considerations were part of stage 1, specifying and clarifying the business services:

a. Business services and products need to be crystal clear for customers to buy into.

b. The website needs to be clear for Google crawlers to rank higher.

To achieve the two sub-stages, the site pages were broken down into appropriate sections and then further into subsections. This strategy not only provided clarity over the content but also made it easy to target multiple keywords for SEO purposes. As a result, the rankings achieved at the end are not confined to Leicester only, allowing us to target surrounding cities too.

Stage 2 – Market Targeting

Stage 2, around keyword and SEO optimisation, had the following consideration points:

a. The Keywords Everywhere Tool helped to identify the volume search on Google for particular phrases. After the closure of the tool earlier in 2019, we have moved to Keyword Keg now, a subscription-based service from the makers of Keywords Everywhere.

b. Web pages and added content were written around the identified keywords.

You can check our SEO services here. We also provide content and copywriting services, available here.

The two steps in stage 2 helped in driving the right traffic to the website, keeping in mind that the target was to sign up properties.

Stage 3 – Quality Improvements

Stage 3 – improving the quality of the website – had the following steps:

a. Building quality backlinks to the web domain was a critical task.

b. In addition, mutual website partnerships with related businesses also helped in pushing the Airhorse brand forward.

The backlinking process allows Google’s crawlers to identify the authority position in an industry.

In short, by connecting with well established, long running businesses, Google considers you to be of high quality too – The Science of Association.

Results and the Way Forward

After three months the website was ranking number one for the key term “Airbnb Management Leicester.” As a result, Google has helped the business attract at least 5 big clients, giving a sales value of over £50,000 a year.

The process has been ongoing for another 12-18 months to consolidate the first position and move into new territories for keywords and phrases, repeating the three step process provided above.

An update of the rankings, as of 30th of June, 2019

Airbnb Management

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