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Mastermind with like-minded business leaders (176 Businesses on board) in a collaborative environment

We bring business leaders together because we love when communities are able to share, support and collaborate in value adding environment. To maximise the effectiveness of these sessions, we have adapted ‘Mastermind’ sessions to work for our community.

Specifically, Mastermind is when 6 to 12  experienced business leaders share and discuss the issues they are facing in a highly structured format. We have made the process a little more ‘human’ with an increased focus on discussion and deliberation, designed to harness the potential of making meaningful relations.


Joanne Peters
JSP Virtual

Really good – the concept was great, so much better than the normal networking

Frances Brown
Frances Brown
Fowlam Ltd

I really enjoyed the session, it was great to talk to such a helpful, interesting group of people. Thanks Taseer (Taz) Ahmad and everyone!

kam johal
Kam Johal
Property & Business Investor

Thank you to you all for a great online meeting, I never thought I’d ‘meet’ so many new people. I look forward to the next one!!

jenny cross
Jenny Cross
Cross Productions

Thank you for organising. It was great to meet new people and even more so in a time where we are working in isolation. The topics were genuine and it was great to hear everyone’s ideas and suggestions. I know I took great value from the session. These things are not easy to organise and coordinate, getting the right people together for a start so hats off to you and again thank you for the invitation. I look forward to building on these relationships and virtually meeting again.

thomas bertrandi

Great chat! An initiative that I think can bring so much value to everyone involved, looking forward to the next one

terry wright
Terry Wright
Debt & Solutions UK

Thank you for the invite and thought the contributions were very informative for all of us.

phil webster
Phil Webster
Managing Director

Great session. Great people. Great hosting by Taseer (Taz) Ahmad and Harmeet Singh Thanks, Phil

alex lees
Alex Lees
Tale Production

Thanks all, really enjoyed the call and got some really great value from it

James M Battison
McKathy Labs
Chief Growth Officer

Really enjoyed the call guys. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet some great people and get to discuss some key topics. Looking forward to the next one

kathy broadhead
Kathy Broadhead
Broadhead Global
Business Manager

A great meeting & a valuable discussion. Thank you!

Robin Underhay
Regency Consultancy
Business Directo

Good to hear from like minded entrepreneurs. There is always more to learn and this type of environment allows for the sharing of ideas. Great session.

See Some of our guests

Mastermind with smart groups

jenny cross
Jenny Cross
CEO of Niche Magazine & Cross Productions Since March 2013

terry wright
Terry Wright
Director - Finance Solutions Since 2005
thomas bertrandi
Thomas Bertrandi
Founder - Leap - Since 2019
leanne bonner
Leanne Bonner-Cooke
Founder & Chair- Evolve IT - Since 2007
rubina lokat
Rubina Lokat
Managing Director - PrintPrint - Founded 1988
alex lees
Alex Lees
Founder - Tale Productions - Since 2015
Robin Underhay
Business Director - Regency Consulting Ltd - Since 2019
Guillaume Black
Guillaume Black
Project Manager - Freyssinet - Founded 1943
pamela sharpe
Pamela Sharpe
Director - Miss Pandora - Founded 2014
jahid ali
Jahid Ali
Corporate Partner - Howes Percival - Founded 1790
phil webster
Phil Webster
Managing Director - Pragmatiks Consulting Ltd - Founded 2014
Frances Brown
Frances Brown
CEO - Nightingale Design Research - Founded 2016
kam johal
Kam Johal
Property & Business Investor - IPS - Founded 2004
alex sha
Alex Shacklock
Director - TheGroGroup Ltd - Founded 2014
sally davis
Sally Davis
Owner - North 42 Gin & North Bar Kitchen - Founded 2015
bryan oak
Bryan Oak
Chief Operating Officer - Search Light Consulting - Founded 2008
Andrew Miles
Andrew Miles
Co-Founder - Milben Chartered Accountants - Founded 2015
claire bradley
Claire Bradley
Marketing Director - Quick Lane
richard holling
Richard Holling
Commercial Finance Advisor - Founded 2019
vic tuffen
Vic Tuffen
Owner - Tuffentech Services Ltd - Founded 2008
dav kaur
Dav Kaur
Leader Director - Tedx Coventry & Davina Connect Ltd - Founded 2017
steve pickles
Steve Pickles
Owner - TeamFLP - Founded 2000
Florian moulin
Florian Moulin
Operations Manager - Black's Property Solution - Founded 2018
jacquie imp
Jacquie Impey
Director - Absolute Business Consulting Ltd - Founded - 2019
david whiffin
David Whiffin
David Whiffin - OdiliaClark - Founded 2018
tony singh
Tony Singh
Managing Director - Morgan Payne Estate Agents - Founded 1999
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