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Online search is entering the next phase of its natural transformation. With the improvements in voice connectivity in smart devices, an increasing number of people are using their voice for searches, especially on Androids through Google, Cortana on Microsoft, and Siri on Apple. Whether it’s asking your phone for directions or a joke, especially, the younger generation is becoming more tech savvy. So what does this all mean for businesses?

Voice Search SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is already a competitive game for companies with a digital presence – basically every business at this point. For the first time in history, referring to a market size as almost everyone is the closest to reality – every business can make sales online. So, if your customers are now talking to their digital devices – within their homes and outside – there is an opportunity to pounce and grab the market.

Google Speakable

Google has already introduced the “speakable” feature in the US. According to official features, Googles hopes to extend their services worldwide when enough businesses have integrated the code in their pages.

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Voice Search SEO through Marketing Voice

This is where Marketing Voice comes in – to be honest it’sin the name. We believe that voice marketing is the next big thing and we are prepared for the change.

We offer our services to make your pages voice search friendly and can help you integrate the right answers to draw in traffic, and hopefully customers.

Our Other Services

We also hold the ability to help you with other aspects of Digital Marketing, e.g. SEO, Content, and Social Media Marketing. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We look forward to working with you.

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