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Do you know how long it took Marketing Voice to gain the number one spot for the search terms “Digital Marketing Agency Leicester”?

Less than 4 Months.

The achievement is even more impressive when considering the competition in the city.

Like the unprecedented win of Leicester City in the Premier League, Leicester is also enjoying a digital boom unexpectedly. In fact, Leicestershire is receiving a £5.2 Million grant from the European Regional Development Fund to support the digital growth in the region.

With the rise in digital marketing awareness, the number of digital marketing agencies in Leicester has also grown exponentially. This means that the local businesses have a multitude of options to choose from. Probably in the 100s.

In the sea of competition, Marketing Voice came with a clear vision. Defining it’s niche in Digital Psychology and committing to staying on top of technological progression in the sector.

In a sensible manner, Marketing Voice started locally, but the aim was always to go big.

But, what does “big” mean for Marketing Voice?

Geographical Diversification Through UK Expansion

Diversification was always the way forward for Marketing Voice. But, when we generally talk about diversification, we think of product diversification. The product of Marketing Voice is and will always be digital marketing, but there are other forms of growth available.

Therefore, the sensible choice in this case was to think of geographical diversification.

In a logical manner, this means growing across the UK first.

And that is exactly what we have been doing.

So, the idea was always to grow locally and then expand.

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Geographical Diversification Through UK Expansion