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Time to Take Charge; Time to Make the Change: Jacquie Impey


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As we all return from lockdown, this would seem to be the ideal time to consider the organisational and operational side of your business to see if changes could or should be made.

I certainly have applied this mentality.


Start with the Right Questions

During this period, I have taken the time to look at my business and decide what would be effective in reducing costs and increasing profitability.

For those who have premises and furloughed staff, now is the ideal opportunity to address the following – 

– Do I still need my premises?

– Do I need to keep on all of my staff?

– What will My role be?


Bringing the Right Business Plan In

By creating a new Business Plan, you can review all aspects of your Business.  Note that improving the organisational and operational issues will affect your bottom line and your Net Profit.

Consider the short, medium and long term.  Ask yourself how many of your clients have you retained and how are you going to acquire new ones.  What would be the most cost effective way to achieve this.

Look at your marketing strategy.  Does it need to change?

Do you have a clear direction of where you want to go?

Bad Management causes most of the organisational issues that can arise. So, look at where you can improve as a leader, while also looking critically at your leadership team, as it is the time to reevaluate your business.


Gaining a Sense of Direction

I knew my model wasn’t working, so I had to work out why.

I had listened to too many people giving me ‘advice’ and I lost my direction.   I reassessed and took out what hadn’t worked and added in what I thought would enhance.

Lockdown gave me the opportunity to get rid of time wasted tasks, make sure I was comfortable with my new focus, and know how I was going to move forward.

If your day is planned with tasks that make a difference, you feel in control and responsible for your own success.  And you can feel confident in what you want to achieve.


This blog, written by Jacquie Impey of Absolute Financial Limited, was first featured in the 3rd edition of the Volta Blue magazine.


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