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The Spine Clinic Ranking On Google – SEO Case Study

Marketing Voiceis an extension of your team, here to continuethe good work you’ve already done.Our work for The SpineClinic is the perfect example ofthat philosophy. The Spine Clinic founders, Krishan and Minesh, came to us in May 2019for help with their SEO. Unlike many of our clients, the two brothers were already aware of the need for an effective online presence. Their website met most of their requirements –all they needed was help to hone theirSEO and reach that all-important first pageof Google’ssearch engine.


The challenge –to get The Spine Clinic on to Google’s first page

Because search engines like Google rank authority higher than individual page relevance, we had to widen the scope of the website to cover areas in osteopathy that showcase this.



With our help, The Spine Clinic has climbed to page one on Google for multiple keyword searches. These include:
•Back pain Leicester –1st
•Osteopath in Leicester –1st
•Osteopath Leicester –2nd
•Leicester osteopath –3rd
•Back pain treatment Leicester –3rd
•Osteopathy Leicester –3rd


What We Did

First, we helped the business identify its potential. We made sure we understood the business’s values and tone, thenestablisheda direction for the development of the website.


Clarifying The Services

Clarity is vital. A website needs to be clear for Google crawlers to rank it higher. It’s also essential that a business makes its offer clear if customers are to buy into it. For example, customers and search engines must know that The Spine Clinic is an osteopathy practice, not a physiotherapy or chiropractic clinic. We broke the site pages down into appropriate sections, then subsections. This makes things easy for readersand shows search engines the business covers all relevant areas. Making the content clearer makes it easier to target keyword phrases for SEO purposes. It also allows the business to be ranked in cities other than Leicester.


Market Targeting

Here we worked on getting the right keywords and optimising SEO. We used Keyword Keg to identify which phrases searched for most on Google. The goal was to keep improving the existing pages and add content for future pages.


Establishing Quality & Authority

Mentions by other websites and business are the most effective way to establish quality and authority in digital marketing. These are called backlinks. We designed and implemented a backlink strategy for the business. We also attained website partnerships with related businesses. Connecting with established businesses convinces Google that The Spine Clinicis high quality, too.

amazing, yeah?