The Spine Clinic Ranking On Google – SEO Case Study

We have had The Spine Clinic as a client since May 2019. Now, it’s July 2019 and we are writing our SEO success story with The Spine Clinic.

In comparison to our other clients, this case is quite unique.

Krishan and Minesh, the faces behind the success of The Spine Clinic, did not come to Marketing Voice with a blank slate. In fact, the two brothers are quite aware of the digital transformation for businesses, and hence SEO.

Therefore, Krishan and Minesh were able to set the stage for their website’s SEO before getting in touch with professional help.

As a result, they were able to differentiate the real from the sweet talk. All they were looking for was a professional extension of the already put in effort as compared to a complete overhaul again.

And, complete overhauls are quite common in digital marketing. Agencies feel like if they do not change everything in a business, they are not showing that they are doing a job.

At Marketing Voice, we are an extension of your team, continuing and improving the good work that you have already done in the past. It all comes down to learning before acting.

Business Proposition

With the growing number of bookings coming through online sources, it is crucial for The Spine Clinic to be on page 1 of Google.

Identifying and Tackling Issues

Digital marketing and ranking on search engines is not just about providing set information.

Search engines, including Google, ranks more for authority as compared to relevance of singular pages. Therefore, it is important to widen the scope of the website and cover areas within osteopathy that showcase authority, through the demonstration of relevant knowledge.

Building Business Foundation

To start off, the following steps were taken:

  1. The Strategic Business Plan – helped the business identify and map out its potential.
  2. Google Sprint – helped in getting Marketing Voice and The Spine Clinic on the same page, in terms of defining the values and tone for the business.
  3. The Website Structurehelped the business establish a direction for the future development of the website.

Digital Marketing Success Input

Stage 1 – Clarity of Services

The following considerations were part of stage 1, specifying and clarifying the business services:

  1. Business services and products need to be crystal clear for customers to buy into. For example, customers and search engines must know that The Spine Clinic is an osteopathy practice, as compared to physiotherapy or chiropractor.
  2. The website needs to be clear for Google crawlers to rank higher.

To achieve the two sub-stages, the site pages were broken down into appropriate sections and then further into subsections. The development of the said subsections is an ongoing process. 

Doing so makes it easy for the readers, while also showing to search engines that the business understands the involved details.

This strategy not only provided clarity over the content but also made it easy to target multiple keywords for SEO purposes. Following such a path will also allow the business to be ranked in other cities, beyond Leicester.

Stage 2 – Market Targeting

Stage 2, around keyword and SEO optimisation, had the following consideration points:

  1. Keyword Keg was used to identify the volume search on Google for particular phrases.
  2. The basic web pages already exist for the business. The plan from here on is to keep improving the given pages while adding content for further pages in a regular manner.

Stage 3 – Establishing Quality & Authority

Just like real life, a mention by others counts more towards establishing authority in digital marketing. These mentions by other websites and businesses are called backlinks

So, establishing quality and authority was achieved with the following steps:

  1. Designing a backlink strategy and applying it.
  2. Attaining website partnerships with related businesses.

In short, by connecting with well established, long running businesses, Google considers The Spine Clinic high quality too – The Science of Association.


As we mentioned earlier, The Spine Clinic was able to climb into page 1 on Google for multiple keywords. These include:

  1. Back Pain Treatment Leicester – 3rd
  2. Back Pain Leicester – 5th
  3. Osteopath in Leicester – 7th
  4. Leicester Osteopath – 8th
  5. Osteopath Leicester – 8th
  6. Osteopathy Leicester – 8th

A single month is too short a time to measure success. But, we treat these results as a nice beginning.

Time to push for the top spot.

amazing, yeah?