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The Home Styling Company – Content Marketing Case Study

The Home Styling company is a unique business – a proposition where asset value meets creativity. Generally, when a property on the market isn’t selling, your estate agent will jump straight to the conclusion of dropping the price. Similarly, when a place isn’t renting out, the suggestion is to drop the asking rent. But, through property styling – giving a property asset an impressive personality – you can easily up value any location.

The Home Styling Company does exactly that – it styles homes. While being featured on Leicester Mercury and the WIRE UK, The Home Styling Company is a credible business with a long history of increasing value of properties on the market. Our research suggests an increase of value between 8 and 300% depending on the selling and renting values. But, the bottomline is, do people know of this option? Marketing Voice set out on improving the visibility of the Home Styling Idea through SEO and Content.

The SEO Process

The SEO process was broken down in the following parts:

  1. Looking for what customers are searching for
  2. Checking the competition on each keyterm
  3. Specifying the keyterm to integrate into an external blog

The Content Process

The process of writing was broken down into the following parts:

  1. Researching on the business – The Home Styling Company
  2. Researching into the styling industry
  3. Writing a blog that tells the story of home styling through The Home Styling Company lens.

The Result

The Home Styling company achieved what it wanted from the process – added exposure through content and SEO. The effort has been recognised by The Home Styling Company in the following Google Review available through this link.

the home styling company - content marketing case study

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