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Importance of Systemisation & Outsourcing: Tony Umpleby


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The Systemisation

A key component of any business is having a system in place for just about everything you do: from taking phone calls to selling and even background checks.

And this system also needs to be under a constant review as things develop.

For instance, what do you do with a new customer enquiry before working with them? What do you want to know and how do you find this out? Are they good at paying? How do you protect yourself?

And you can decipher all this information though:

  1. Talking to them
  2. Following up with an e-mail. 
  3. Background checks, which are a lot easier now because of social media and websites. Not to forget, credit checks and using networks plus mystery shoppers are all good methods.

I could have saved myself a lot of pain if I had used systems like this from the start.


The ‘Time’ Conundrum

Time is another major pain. Only 7 days in a week and being the busy fool is an easy trap to fall into.

Like we all start, as a small business, I have done everything from accounts to social media and course design to web development… the list goes on.

But, over time, I have understood that outsourcing is key. Learning to let go is not always easy. Your business is your baby and no one is as passionate as you are. That could be true, but are you the best person to do all of those jobs? Possibly not. 

Stick to what you are good at and give everything else to another expert.

For instance, outsourcing accounts out saved me 12 days a year. Imagine, what can you earn in 12 days? I know I don’t pay my accountant that much.


Concluding Remarks

So my two key tips for overcoming organisational issues are to Systemise and outsource 

Allowing you to concentrate on the one thing you wanted to do in the first place.

Your business.


This blog, written by Tony Umpleby of Ascend Learning Solution, was first featured in the 3rd edition of the Volta Blue magazine.


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