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Social media has become an unexpected driver of businesses in the modern era. The platform is not just limited to connecting with your traditional friends anymore, but also gives you a straight connection with your customers.

Have you tried Social Media and not gotten the results you were looking for? Are you approaching social media appropriately? Social media has the power for current customers to fall in love with your business by building a connection with your business personality. Customers see your business ethos even when you are busy or sleeping – Your personality is being heard every second through social media.

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Our Success Examples

At our event, we will also be showing you how one of our services (Property Developer Today) built over 400 followers in 4 weeks on Instagram,while another (Coletting Cleaning) received its first lead in 4 days. Results as such shows that whether you are new in business or experienced, you can benefit from learning how to utilise the most active social media platforms and draw attention towards your business.

Our Social Media Strategy

To improve your digital presence, this course will show you a winning 7 step social media process on the 2018 most active platform – Instagram. If you’re looking to learn, so you have full control to connect with your followers, then this session is for you. Not only is it easy with a few pointers but applying the steps gives you the power to build the network you want and frankly need in the current business market.

Book Onto Social Media Training

The Benefit for Us

You may ask why are we doing all this? We believe your business growth is the core of community prosperity. That is why, we want to work together and grow alongside you, learning collectively from the experience. We will gain insights on how local businesses are performing and what is the response rate of businesses towards the digital needs of the day. At the end, we both win by attending the event.

Directing Your Efforts with an Aim

The information presented at the course is not rocket science. Multiple companies apply anywhere between one and most of the methods presented at our course, but digital businesses perform better when the divided efforts are combined – smartly. We will show you where to start from and how to add to the flow in a logical manner – so your efforts are directed and you climb the ranking ladder effectively instead of playing the waiting game.

So, by attending the course, you will save on months of research time, and optimise your success speed. In most cases, you will also be avoiding a lot of headache caused by picking tools or strategies that are counterproductive to your efforts. We will give you our experience in social media management, showing you the right tools to use.


Simply, this course will save you time in terms of establishing your business credibility. In addition, you will also learn how to form a successful social media strategy to give your business a clear direction. If you’re a start-up or need an upgrade to your social media face then this course should be your top priority.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

If you are interested in the event and would like to attend, please follow this link on Eventbrite to make a free booking.

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