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SEO Course Leicester

Google is accelerating business growth as well as opening new grounds for competitive advantage. 

Customers see you when your website page climbs the ranks on the search engine. 

But, if you do not join the race for digital supremacy, your competition is taking the lead. 

If you have considered joining the race to the top of Google ranking and would like to work on your ideas yourself, you are at the right place.


Truly Digitising Your Business

Google applies social concepts to its algorithms. And, understanding these algorithms can help flourish your business.

At Marketing Voice, Taseer, a PhD research looks into Digital psychology where most of our psychological insights come from. 

Through our training, you will have the power to steer your SEO. 

To improve your digital presence, this course will show you a winning 7 step SEO process. 

We will break down each part of the SEO journey with simple examples and free tools to aid the process. By applying the 7 steps, ideal clients will find you on Google, and other search engines, e.g. Yahoo and Bing.


What do We Get from the SEO Course Leicester

You may ask why are we doing all this. 

We believe your business growth is the core of community prosperity. 

That is why we want to work together and grow alongside you, learning collectively from the experience. 

As a result, We will gain insights on how local businesses are performing and what is the response rate of businesses towards the digital needs of the day. At the end, we both win by attending the event.


The Science of Directed Efforts

The information presented at the course is not rocket science. 

In fact, multiple companies apply anywhere between one and most of the methods presented at our course. But, digital businesses perform better when the divided efforts are combined, smartly. 

In the course, we will show you where to start from and how to add to the flow in a logical manner, so your efforts are directed and you climb the ranking ladder effectively instead of playing the waiting game.

So, by attending the course, you will save on months of research time, and optimise your success speed. 

In most cases, you will also be avoiding a lot of headache caused by picking tools or strategies that are counterproductive to your efforts. We will give you our years of experience in SEO, showing you the online tools to use.


Demonstration Through Examples

Also, as an example, we will be showing you how our first partner business (Airhorse) ranks number one in the hospitality sector, while  our digital marketing venture (Marketing Voice) ranks number one for multiple key terms in multiple cities, including Birmingham and London. 

To test, search for  “digital marketing agency London”.  

Through the course, you will have the knowledge on how to rank for highly competitive terms, just like us.



Simply, this course will save you time, in terms of establishing your business, while also showing you how to improve your business efficiently. 

In addition, you will also learn how to form a successful SEO strategy and where to put your SEO efforts in the future, targeting your intended audience.

In worse case scenario, if you have a poor performing website or if you are just thinking of making one, this SEO course Leicester should be your top priority as a starting point. 

Also, we will show you the basics of your website backend and how to structure your information.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

If you are interested in the event and would like to attend, please follow this link on Eventbrite to make a free booking.

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