Not Having a SEO strategy is like building a beautiful hotel on mars.

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Find below our SEO Content strategy. By following the process, you can learn how a digital marketing agency optimises its pieces to be found through Google. We have a 5 step process cycle to give you a plan to execute the SEO Content strategy.

1) Brain storm your Key words

For a Well Researched SEO Content Strategy

Use keywords in your web copy that are being used by your customers in the Google search to optimise your content SEO strategy. Do you just assume your customer choices? Go further than making assumptions about your customers and look at the SEO question from different angles. You can go a step further and think of different personality types and how will they use the search features.

Use Google Adwords or our favourite “Keywords Everywhere”. What is cool about Keywords Everywhere is that you can analyse your web pages and your competitors to see what they are using. By testing the market, you will get a better idea of how to approach SEO work.

Keywords Everywhere will tell you:

A) How many times a specific phrase is being used per month

B) How competitive the phrase is rated between 0.01 to 1. The rating indicates how much time and effort it will take to rank for you

C) The price businesses are paying for ads on, e.g. Google.

Download the extension Keywords Everywhere to your browser -> edit the settings as per your requirements, e.g. for UK, change currency to Pounds Sterling.

Find the words your competitors are not using by being creative in your word search. Untapped words will lead you onto the path of ranking number 1 more quickly for your SEO content strategy, while limiting your expenditure and saving you money.

If you enjoyed the above, heres some more tips to find words

2) Group Your Keywords

Structured SEO Content Strategy

In the old days, it would have been one keyword for every page. Over time, search engine tools have become smarter. So, group your key words when you are writing a blog or producing web copy. For example, if your main keyword is “Real Estate management”, then you may also want to include the words “property management service”, “financial mortgage broker”, “furnishing”, etc. and compare the results. By doing so, you will make your SEO Content Strategy credible when Google crawls your pages.

3) Analyse Competitor Pages

360 Degree SEO Content Strategy

Your ideas will be contaminated if you analyse your competitors first. Start with your own ideas first before moving on to the next stage.

Once you can see what your competitors are using and how well their web copy is optimised for SEO, you can decide on what you are going to compete on. Understanding other successful content SEO strategy’s are important to learn from but not start with.

4) Produce Content from Your SEO Strategy.

SEO Content Strategy

Producing content will help you rank higher, as long as you follow your SEO strategy. Use the following instructions:

A) Form a purpose of your content – what issues and questions you will be answering for your customer

B) Have in mind the personality type (DISC profiling) of the customer you are targeting. Personality profiles react in particular ways depending on how a point is approached. Get in touch to find out more.

C) Produce headings and sections to get higher readability, and hence, website scores.

D) Insert and place the keywords into the parts where they fit. Do not force your keywords in, as it will reduce the quality of your content.

E) Build the content and produce related images. Title your images with keywords to get further SEO help.

F) Revisit your content regularly and ensure paragraph angles and types of words used are in line with the personality profile you are targeting.

G) Be straightforward and clear by reducing your word count.

H) Run your writing piece through a grammar checker such as Grammarly or Pro Writing Aid.

5) Evaluate

Revisit your writing masterpiece after a few days with your SEO Content strategy and you will find at least a few necessary change. Search patterns of your customers change over time and you should keep up with it to keep benefitting from the strategy.

After posting your content, request Google to crawl the page through Google Webmaster.

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