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We can be a bit smarter about the videos if our strategy does not appeal to you. How? Through a simple call to action. Anything from visiting your website to signing up to your podcast. The simple rule is, the customer should see value in following your instructions.

The Brains

We, at Marketing Voice, do not make videos for the sake of making videos. We put an effort in understanding human psychology – we ask relevant questions – we answer questions that our customers ask. By putting our heads together, we can replicate the success for your business, unleashing your potential through the video medium.

The Bones

We also understand how to link up your videos to other parts of digital marketing. This can be anything simple from using the right tags to complicated backend SEO optimisation for easier crawling for search engines. The possibilities are endless, and so is the chance of growth for your business.

The Heart

Videos are also a great way of proving your value to customers. You can check our YouTube channel to learn more about us. If you would like to find out about how we can help you further, get in touch.


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Is constant growth your long term vision? We enhance your leadership edge to fulfil your vision.
Rarity grabs attention because humans are curious creatures. We scale attention into greatness.
Organisational culture enables your journey to the stars. We nourish your brand to get you there.
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Do you strive for premium value? We build the trust around your brand, upgrading your value.
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Our Beginnings

Just like charity, digital marketing begins at home. This is why, we get found on Google & Social Media as market leaders. We simply translate our winning skills for our partners and grow together.

Read the story of how Airhorse went from being a startup to the number 1 Airbnb Management Company in Leicester and our journey so far.

Learning Opportunities

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Our Process
Not your average Joe’s, Marketing Voice is a Top Video Production Agency in Leicester and on the path of further glory beyond borders.


The difference is the quality and extent of Data…. Not just data. We use premium data collection points and Kaizen practices for the best progress.


This is where the fun begins. This is the opportunity to explore fresh options.


Options and ideas are in abundance, but the right execution requires the right planning. We produce assertive decisions to move closer to the business vision of continuous growth.


Now is the time to apply the plans, get positive results, map required changes, make tweaks, and keep going in the loop. Each turn of the loop will guarantee improved results.

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