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Samantha Houghton – SEO and Social Media Training Case Study

Samantha Houghton is the author of “The Invisible Girl – A Secret Life”. She also works as a freelancer, providing services as a ghost writer and book journey mentor, along with online courses for writing. Sam came to our SEO and Instagram sessions to upscale her skills, wanting to understand how can she improve her digital presence.

Samantha Houghton SEO Journey

The following steps formed the SEO training for Sam:

  1. A key terms audit for Sam’s website to show where does her website stand.
  2. A presentation of ideal terms that could help her reach the right potential customers.
  3. Suggestions on how to improve the website rankings through SEO integrated regular content.

The approach was taken because of Sam’s background in writing – making content a highly applicable solution.

Samantha Houghton Instagram Journey

As compared to SEO, Sam was already well-adept to Instagram and how to use the platform. The gaps in her case were filled through the following steps:

  1. Increasing the extent to which Instagram can be used to provide information about a business.
  2. The use of emojis to clarify the intent visually, e.g. a book emoji will show that the page is for writing enthusiasts.
  3. Clarification on how to schedule content on the social media platform and the importance of understanding copyright laws for images.

The Result

Samantha appreciated the efforts of Marketing Voice and declared the training sessions highly useful. The sentiment is portrayed in her review for our services on Google Business.

Samantha Houghton – SEO Training Case Study – Instagram Training Case Study

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Samantha Houghton – SEO Training Case Study – Instagram Training Case Study