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17 years and 3,600+ websites reviewed, has highlighted one common failing amongst the majority of business websites:

Numerous sales are lost by not focusing on what website visitors data is actually saying.

The solution is to start from the end, and it works like this …

The End

  1. Choose just ONE product or service that you offer. 
  2. Write down how many enquiries or sales you got about that specific product or service within the past calendar month.


The Misery

  1. Using your website statistics, identify how many unique visitors got to that part of your website during that month.
  2. Filter those visitors. This involves filtering out visitors from countries you don’t target, visitors who are identified as competitors or people trying to sell to you, plus others such as internal staff on your website. Not all analytics packages can do this (yes, we can!).
  3. Compare the number of relevant visitors to that website page to the number of enquiries/sales that you got during that month.
  4. Feel thoroughly miserable at how low that percentage was.


The Tomorrow

Having accepted that your website page is not impressing enough people:

  1. Go to the websites of at least five of your competitors.
  2. Look at their equivalent page(s) of the product/service.
  3. Take notes of everything that you think they’ve done well on the page(s), and that you’re not currently doing. For example, they may have live chat, videos, plenty of case studies, guarantees.
  4. Combine all those positives about competitors together in one big ‘to work on’ pile.
  5. Create a prioritised and structured plan weeks and months into the future, focused on implementing all those positives within your own product/service page. Don’t try to do everything at once.

It’s highly likely that, at this stage, you’ll want to implement those positives throughout your website. For something like live chat, that’s easy, and could be done. For something like creating videos related to each product/service, that’s going to take more time.

My recommendation is to focus on just the one page at this stage, adding in as much as you can.


The Improvement

When you take positive aspects of competitors websites and implement them within just one part of your own website, you will have combined everything that’s good about accumulated competitors, but all within your own website.

That will lead to substantial improvements in visitors to enquiries/sales rates, which you can prove by going through the same exercise of comparing the end (enquiries/sales gained) to the numbers (relevant visitors to that part of your website).


The Amplifying

  1. Many of the improvements you made can be replicated to other parts of your website.
  2. Active marketing of the website can now be undertaken with more confidence. Whatever form that takes (SEO, social media, PR, etc.), you will get a much higher return on that investment.


This feature originally appeared in the 5th edition of the Volta Blue Magazine, and was written by Andy Harris of A1WebStats.


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