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Google Rich Cards

Marketing Voice are dedicated to work with Google, utilising their latest tools. For example, Marketing Voice is giving an extra importance currently to Rich Cards – the next generation of user-centricity by Google.

Put simply, Rich Card is the way of presenting your business details as beautiful display cards on search results. This has been made possible by Google by teaming up with Yahoo, Microsoft & Schema.org.

The process of converting search results into rich cards requires a data structure, now coined as Schema. Because of the advanced level of the result, your business details will stand out beautifully from the rest – improving the user experience and increasing your chances of attaining added audience – hence, more potential customers if you are a business.

To see an example, Google search “Marketing Voice Leicester”. We have extended our search to include added information on our services, e.g. contact details, logo, and locality. A simpler example is the way recipes are displayed in Google results. For example, when you Google Chicken Tikka, you get the following results:

Rich Cards Developer – Google Rich Cards Developing Agency

Previously, Google search engines were displaying all articles as text. Over time, research proved that consumers are more engaged with visual info and like to approach searches with added information provided before making the decision to click.

What are Google Rich Cards

Google Rich Cards are simply sets of searches that have additionally submitted structured information to Google, along with the usual crawling of a page. With an increasing focus on user experience, Rich Cards are becoming increasingly relevant for search rankings and website scores in general.

Moreover, Google now understands that mobile searches have surpassed Desktop searches – making Google Rich Card an effective way of holding user attention and providing information in a more visually appealing manner.

Do you want to display your business as a rich Card, Get in touch with our Leicester Digital Marketing Service – Marketing Voice – using the options below.

Moreover, if you are interested in integrating rich cards into your website, we recently wrote a blog about it. You can find the post here.

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