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The best advice I received when setting up my business was to ‘be prepared for challenges’ and to be ready to ‘firefight’ when it becomes necessary!

This mentality remains in place and we plan, re-plan and check again.

Doing all this does not prevent challenges from arising but it does help to build up resilience.


The Pressures of Decision-Making

Making decisions can be a lonely place to exist in, especially when there are other people reliant upon the outcomes of your decisions.

To provide some assistance, we can look at data to support decisions and often (with the correct data) the decisions and issues deliver their own outcome as there is only one realistic way forward. However, not all of our issues are data driven and therein lies a problem: logic doesn’t always provide us with a ‘get out of jail free’ card. So, we need to utilise a number of options available to us. 


The Extended Options

Gut feeling and instinct comes from our innate ability to process large amounts of information subconsciously and to arrive at a decision.

In my case, when faced with big decisions, I walk my dog in the fields and let my thoughts flow and often arrive at a solution, or a plan of action, that my ‘gut’ is happy with.

We are also blessed with a fabulous tool that is the internet. The amount of information available is truly amazing and a few hours online have offered resolution to problems faced. 

Similar, LinkedIn is a fabulous tool with many great minds and problem solvers available to talk to and to offer potential solutions.

All in all, this allows us to realise that we are not alone and have great and diverse resources on our screens.


And The “Other” Option

Transactional issues are often difficult to comprehend (due to scale) and cause (me) the most amount of pain.

Here, I have found the solution though; Volta Blue mastermind sessions are online ‘round table’ events made up of my peers within the business community – throw out a problem and the interaction, ideas and solutions flow.

Simply, drawing upon others’ experience of resolving similar problems is invaluable and always creates a path that leads to a solution. 

For me, this sharing of issues with a diverse group delivers many ideas and paths that lead to the very best results.


This feature originally appeared in the 4th edition of the Volta Blue Magazine, and was written by Tim Grainger of Weatherwise Services


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