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I founded Syncity to work with business leaders, giving them the knowledge and confidence to implement digital systems and processes.

Data shows that up to 95% of digital projects fail to deliver the expected business benefits. With spend of over £1 trillion a year, that is heaps of wasted money, time, and effort. 


The Approach

In working with business leaders, I have created a fairly simple methodology to get them up to speed on where they need to be.

My methodology: “Be The Five”, (do you see what I’ve done there?) takes them through a five step process. The steps are ‘Discuss’, ‘Discover’, ‘Decide’, ‘Design’ and ‘Deliver’. Overall, the onus is on them to do a lot of work, but we can tailor each step to their specific business.


The Wider Application

What has struck me, as I have used this methodology is that, although I use it for digital, it works for almost anything.

You can take Formula1.

The team will first ‘Discuss’ the weekend of racing; leading to ‘Discover’ the best setup for the car during free practice; which then helps them ‘Decide’ on the race strategy after qualifying; providing them the right info to ‘Design’ the individual steps, what lap to pit stop, what pace to keep the grip in the tyres and finally it is up to the driver to ‘Deliver’.

During the race they will go through all the steps repeatedly.

You want to quit smoking? Go through the same steps.


The Learning Process

I applied the same steps when joining Volta Blue.

VB allows me to use the first two steps of ‘Discuss’ and ‘Discover’.

To put it simply, I’m meeting so many new people, ‘Discussing’ their issues, ‘Discovering’ solutions I had not thought of. As a result, it is an ideal forum for me to ‘Decide’ which of these ideas to use before ‘Designing’ my plan and ‘Delivering’ on it. 

If you are struggling with business issues, then feel free to use my methodology. You will find it works and gives you an easy process to follow.


This feature originally appeared in the 4th edition of the Volta Blue Magazine, and was written by Richard Godfrey of Syncity


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