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Our Beginnings

Branding is the value to your voice.

In 2013, Harmeet began his professional development through Leicestershire Police, where integrity became his minimum standard. But, upon taking a dip into business, Harmeet was shocked by the criminal standards of digital marketers.

Taseer, with a digital psychology background, joined forces with Harmeet to attempt to uplift the online business culture.

But, the journey still took it’s time.

Marketing Voice started with 14 hour shifts and bottomless coffees.What more, the first 6 months brought in £0. All efforts were exhausted with a final push, for which we now thank Paul Covington of Engrave a Gift, the first Marketing Voice Client. His results have encouraged many more businesses to work with us.

Today, Marketing Voice is ranked as a top 10 digital marketing agency across multiple keywords on Google.

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Our Podcast Research Service

Podcast Research

The field of marketing is evolving. 

One such recent evolution is the rise of audio content; specifically in the form of Podcast Marketing.

Podcast production is not just about firing up a microphone and start recording. In order to hit the nail on the head, you must also plan, brainstorm, and research before commencing.

In addition, in order to be successful, you should also have straightened your business strategy. 

At Marketing Voice, we can help you through each stage of the process.


Producing a podcast without an objective, especially for businesses, is pointless. 

Moreover, the objective is connected with your business strategy for more directed results.

Here, you should start with some research to understand your customers and target better. 

We suggest a mixture of business objectives with customer psychology to place your podcast production in the right spot.


Your business needs a core message that is put across all content formats. 

Your business can be the creative one, the experienced one, or the innovative. All options are viable as long as you understand your business inside out.

We answer some basic questions here For example, how will we reach your target audience and how will we produce the content? There are a range of options – we lay them down for you from the beginning of the process.

BRIEF & Script

A brief is a combination of all the whys and hows that we have decided so far or potentially missed. 

In short, it works as a guideline for people who will be working on the project. So, we write one.

Now, we can write the final thing in the pre-stage of producing a video; script writing. 

All the steps that we took beforehand should now be an aid in this process, making the podcast production easier and directed.

Why us?

Big Cat
Is constant growth your long term vision? We enhance your leadership edge to fulfil your vision.
Rarity grabs attention because humans are curious creatures. We scale attention into greatness.
Organisational culture enables your journey to the stars. We nourish your brand to get you there.
Diamond Cut
Do you strive for premium value? We build the trust around your brand, upgrading your value.
Our Process
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You wouldn’t send a rocket to the moon without doing the calculations. Similarly, we use the latest technology to apply the right data to your growth.

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We don’t get carried away and place efforts into singularised strategies. Instead, we push for continuous improvement (Kaizen).

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Just like diamonds, trust takes time to crystallise. That’s ok because we’re about creating long term bonds.

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Digital Marketing is having your brand voiced effectively. Therefore, we consider personality profiling (DISC) to have your message heard. 

amazing, yeah?

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