Every podcast needs to have a personality – a target audience – and a strategy behind it. Each of these points are put forward from the beginning to the end of a podcast. Therefore, the process must begin with your intro and music.

Historically, music has been used to announce something significant. The said significance of music itself has not changed for centuries. Now TV and radio shows start with music – and so do podcasts. Be a part of the tradition and let’s do it well.

How and What

We offer choices between buying royalty rights for a hit, all the way down to royalty free music. In any case, we take the following considerations:


The music goes well with the kind of audience you are targeting. There is no point in putting Martin Garrix for a over 40 audience or Jazz for a millennial.

There is a place for every kind of music – our job is to determine what kind fits your target.


If you want to choose existing music, we buy royalties.

Not doing so will have a dent on your overall reputation, not just the podcast itself. Stay away from breaking any laws.

Hire Professionals

If you have the budget to improve your podcast, use professional help. This is where Marketing Voice helps you produce the best content possible, including the intro and music –  all the way to the podcast itself and its way towards your audience.

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