Editing a podcast properly closes the whole effort on a high. If done badly, the whole podcast marketing effort could end up negatively effecting your business.

How and What

In most cases, recording a podcast is the least time consuming part of the whole podcast production process. One of the processes that takes far longer is podcast editing. We suggest knowing your end goal before jumping into the editing to save yourself time.

Record Well

In simple terms, a well recorded podcast requires less editing. Without doing so, we have to balance the sound and cut out any errors that cannot be a part of the final cut.

File Storage

We title your files professional in order to make the podcast editing process more efficient. In most cases, we have intro and music files, along with voice breakdowns, that need to be put together for the final episode. (Unless you have a live podcast where you still need to run different files during the same period).

The rest of the process of podcast editing comes down to the software use skills. This is where Marketing Voice helps you extensively. Under the supervision of an experienced podcast producer, we have the in house capability to edit your podcasts professionally.

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