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Defining our Niche – Digital Psychology

Digital Marketing is a lucrative, but highly competitive sector. Businesses with an interest in establishing a digital presence, or improving upon it, have a high number of available options. But, there has to be some level of sense behind making such a big decision – good Digital Marketing services are not cheap.

Under the given circumstances, it is important to specialise and stand out through the provision of unique services or angles. We give this advice to each of our partners and we follow it ourselves too.

Following our own advice of niching, Marketing Voice specialises in Digital Psychology – integrating it into the usual services of a Digital Marketing Agency. You can check the full list of our services here.

We believe that a message without understanding the economic behaviour of your customers is a hit and miss situation. Also, the way people behave online is generally different from the day to day life. Hence, Digital Psychology plays a big role in how businesses – successful businesses – are able to survive in the long term.

We talk more about this topic and how do we hold expertise in it, in the post below. If you would like to know examples of our application of Digital Psychology, you can check our related case studies here.

Digital Psychology - Targeting Customer Economic Behaviour Online

Digital Marketing is incomplete without understanding the economic behaviours of customers online – we call this understanding Digital Psychology.

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Keeping Up with Trends – Voice Search and Google Rich Cards

Defining your niche does not mean that you can then go back to sleep and wait for miracles to happen.

Like we said, Digital Marketing is highly competitive. So, if we do not keep up with the changing market, we will be displaced by the next smart enough batch of marketers. We stay ahead of the game and understand the upcoming trends.

Based on our research and market understanding, we have identified Voice Search and Google Rich Cards to be the next big deciding factors in Digital Marketing. You can read more about them and how can we help you on those topics below.

Voice Search

voice search seo Google Rich Card Google Rich Cards Google Structured Data

SEO is the next battlefield for businesses. Learn how Marketing Voice can help you get started and get ahead of the competition.

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Google Rich Cards

Marketing Voice are dedicated to work with Google, utilising their latest tools. Rich Card is displaying your details as a beautiful displays on searches

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Moreover, if you are interested in integrating rich cards into your website, we recently wrote a blog about it. You can find the post here.

We hope you have a clearer understanding of our value proposition now. For any queries, please use one of the options below. We look forward to working with you.

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