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OMC Global Ranking on Google – SEO Case Study


It has been 3 months since we started working with OMC Global: luxury transport hire veterans from Oxford.

During this time, through our SEO services, we have been able to take OMC Global’s Milton Keynes division from not ranking on Google at all to the 2nd page for high yield terms, such as ‘Coach Hire Milton Keynes’ and ‘Minibus Hire Milton Keynes’. The goal is to make OMC the number provider in Milton Keynes. However, we are well on our way of achieving our goal and hence, felt it appropriate to share the success here.

As was the case with Spine Clinic, the owners of OMC are not new to SEO. In fact, OMC has ranked on top of Google in Oxford for over a decade now and have attributed a large proportion of their success to regular business from the search medium. And, when OMC was looking to expand to other cities, as a bid to further strengthen the business, they were attracted to Marketing Voice’s success in ranking businesses across cities.

In this case study, we will be sharing our process of how we have helped OMC on their journey so far.


Business Proposition

Given that most of the luxury transport hire is associated with business bookings and driven by a well maintained digital presence, it is crucial for OMC Global to be on page 1.


Identifying and Tackling Issues

Digital marketing and ranking on search engines is not just about providing set information.

Search engines, including Google, ranks more for authority as compared to relevance of singular pages. Therefore, it is important to widen the scope of the website and cover areas within transport hire that showcase authority, through the demonstration of relevant knowledge and beyond.


Building Business Foundation

To start off, the following steps were taken:

  1. The Strategic Business Plan – helped the business identify and map out its potential.
  2. Google Sprint – helped in getting Marketing Voice and OMC Global on the same page, in terms of defining the values and tone for the business.
  3. The Website Structure – helped the business establish a direction for the future development of the website.


Digital Marketing Success Input

Stage 1 – Clarity of Services

The following considerations were part of stage 1, specifying and clarifying the business services:

  1. OMC Global is interested in expanding across the UK. However, in terms of focusing and clarity of services, it is sensible to look at expansion as an incremental process. Therefore, instead of opening the front for each city, an order of cities, based on business viability, was laid out. Specifically, the expansion of OMC has been started with Milton Keynes, with the aim of reaching the top of page 1 within a 6 month period.
  2. The website structure needs to clarify the services, from the angles of both the customer and Google bots. This means creating specific pages for each dimension of transportation solutions provided by OMC Global.

This strategy not only provided clarity over the content but also made it easy to target multiple keywords for SEO purposes within a set geography.


Stage 2 – Establishing Quality and Authority

Just like real life, a mention by others counts more towards establishing authority in digital marketing. These mentions by other websites and businesses are called backlinks

So, establishing quality and authority was achieved with the following steps:

  1. Designing a backlink strategy and applying it.
  2. Attaining website partnerships with related businesses.

In short, by connecting with well established, long running businesses, Google considers OMC Global high quality too – The Science of Association.

This step along the way is neglected by most of our competitors, going for easier options, e.g. directories and bloggers, to create backlinks. However, such sources have a lower barrier for entry, simply costing money in comparison to actually building a long term relationship, and are therefore, seen as lower value options by search engines.

We talk more about this in: Marketing Lies – Pursuing High Domain Authority Backlinks


Results (Feb 21, 2020)

  1. Minibus Hire Milton Keynes – 9th on Page 2
  2. Coach Hire Milton Keynes – 3rd on Page 3

Time to push for the top spot.