Branding: Quality Vs Price

Pricing vs Quality: Developing a Community and Conveying Quality

Why is it important to attract your ideal client, team or collaborations as a business?

The goal in business is not to just make money. If that is your goal, you will not go far.

Ideal clients, teams and collaborations are a product of being a part of the right community. But, as a business, your task of being successful starts with forming a community that fits your purpose.

But, forming a community is easier said and done.

Forming a community is not done overnight, however with direction, strategy and effort, a raving tribe can be built where you are surrounded by like minded individuals who share the same values.

David Major – Creative Direction

On our journey of forming a business community, Harmeet Singh of Marketing Voice had the pleasure of meeting David Major – the founder of Creative Direction. David has harnessed creativity to build a corporate and personal brand, making client relationships authentic and the design and marketing process thoroughly enjoyable.
Like most companies today who compete on quality, Creative Direction is being challenged by ‘startups’ who often ‘buy’ work by offering services at the fraction of the realistic cost. (This is exactly why branding is going to be your best friend in any competitive market).
David has worked with hundreds of businesses over the past 3 decades, learning to draw out the personalities of brands. Simply making a pretty website, logo or brochure does not cut it for a quality product or service. The imagery designed by Creative Direction communicates the true business personality and values through the visual medium. Why tell a 100 word story when you can show it with one image and convey a million words.

Brand Spark

But, there are ways around fighting on pennies.

Why do individuals pay 5 or 6 times more for an Apple laptop than an ASUS piece of kit?

When was the last time ASUS had a massive queue for a new release from 5am in the morning and being sold out half way through the day?

A product could look the same from surface level, it may also have the same parts inside, but processes, service and emotional experience is priceless. If you stand for innovation, excellence or futuristic development, then you are more likely to love Apple.

On the other hand, if you are about mediocre quality and free coffee, then you may travel the extra mile to a local Waitrose.

Building a Brand

Building a brand is about sharing, about creating a mutual understanding.

If you share your personality and values, then you have the beginning of a brand.

Unfortunately consumers only land on a website and content, hanging around for merely seconds. So, how quick can you convey your elevator pitch?

Through casual conversation, David shares he has felt that the industry is broken because consumers are moving closer to cheap.

One client who had build a relationship with Creative Direction had elected an alternative design business for a product because they were a lot cheaper. Is this a valid decision for the client?

Well, sometimes, if your business itself is cheap and is not in business for the long run – Yes.

Needless to say the client did not receive the same level of service as they were used to and reconnected with David to restart the partnership. You simply pay for what you get.

The Price is Right

As the old saying goes in relationships, sometimes to appreciate the value, you have to take a break to fall back in love again.

Marketing Voice pulls no punches. If you are a start-up, low service range or survival stage in the business, then you may need something cheap – Take a look at Upwork or Fiver for cheap designers and digital marketers.

But, if you need great design where functionality, purpose and vision has been developed then contact David at Creative Direction. And, for Digital Marketing services, get in touch with us today – a top agency across 6 British cities, including Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, and London.

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