Marketing Voice Placement Program – Sandwich Year

All of our employees have come through a support program – either placements or freelance period – before becoming a full time part of our team.

Our internship / placement program is open to university students from backgrounds including, but not limited to, business, finance, engineering, and literature. In each of the roles, you will have a substantial opportunity to acquire initial work experience in one of our areas of expertise: SEO, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media, Data Analytics, Brand Development, Strategic Management, Creative Writing, and Sales.

We will assess you over a period of 12 months, based on defined targets. We also offer the opportunity to our interns to work in multiple areas over the period, giving a taste of different sections of the business.

Further Development

Along with the running of day to day and long term tasks, we will also be providing:

  1. Business and Career Development Mentorship – One of the things we pride ourselves on is the skill-diversity in our management group. From corporate to academic experiences, you will be working on varied projects, helping you develop further.
  2. Chance to Design and Lead Your Own Journey Marketing Voice does not believe in micromanagement and therefore, after the initial period of integration and a constant mentorship, we allow our team members the freedom to delve into various projects. You will be in charge of your destiny while we will be here to give you the needed helping hand along the way.

Hiring Period

The applications process for our placement year program for the academic year 2019-20 is now open. We are looking to hire up to 5 students.

If interested, please send your CVs and cover letters to:

If you need further information, get in touch on:

# 07710122254