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Taseer Ahmad
Marketing Strategist




Taseer Ahmad: My Story

Born in the North of Pakistan and spending most of my adult life in the North of the UK, if you had told me 7 years ago while studying Aerospace in Glasgow that I will be good in business strategy and analysing commercial behaviours, I would have agreed with you.

Belonging to a family of merchants that have been active for 600 years, combined with the living and working experience of 4 countries and a high calibre of education to back with, my genetics have mutated into a business improvements role. Now is your chance to meet a business mutant.

Likes – A good argument
Dislikes – Self-proclaimed experts
Favourite Movie / Series – X-Men (The lessons are translatable)
Passionate About – Chelsea (The Football Team, not ladies named Chelsea)
Embarrassing Moment – I don’t know how to swim. Ask for 18+ ones in person.