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Harmeet Singh

Business Developer




Harmeet Singh: My Story

My 3 years at the University of Sheffield were well-spent hating the Accounting degree. The brave decision of changing my career direction was made however not knowing what to do. A well respected mentor advised me to work with my natural skills – I’ve always loved making a difference, continuous learning and working with people. You would have earnt £100 if you guessed emergency police was my next stepping stone – Well I did it for 5 years giving me some of the high points of my life!

Read MoreThere were daily opportunities to develop my skills in strategy, getting results and adapting to communication styles.

After getting engaged to my partner, doing the standard 3-night shifts affected family life – my core priority. A natural position at Marketing Voice was created that allows me to build relationships and convert them into opportunities. I seek quality business service providers that we can help stand out.

Likes – Beards

Dislikes – People who do not like to learn

Favourite Movie/ series – Most Will Smith Movies, Pursuit of Happiness

Passionate About- Sucker for chocolate

Embarrassing Moment – I had my fly open at a job interview! Of course I did not get the job.