Expand Your Business Google DIGITAL MARKETING 100% Success Record


We have pondered a long time on this question – should we write a case study on our own Google rankings?

Well, digital marketing, like charity, begins at home.

So, if we cannot apply SEO to our own business, there is little credibility behind selling it to others. 

Instead of going through the whole background story of Marketing Voice, which you can read here, we will go straight into the steps that made all this possible.


Business Proposition

Build relationships with growing businesses and extend their marketing and strategic capabilities.


Identifying and Tackling Issues

Digital marketing is marred by overly technical or overly creative agencies. 

This results in extreme cases of marketing efforts which either result in unclarity for the business part or not enough focus on results. For effective digital marketing, this gap needs to be closed, and the efforts need to find a balance between the technical and the creative.


Building Business Foundation

Building the business foundation for Marketing Voice had the following steps:

  1. The Strategic Business Plan – helped the business identify and map out its potential.
  2. Google Sprint – helped in getting the founding members on the same page, in terms of defining the values and tone for the business.
  3. The Website Structurehelped the business establish a digital presence early-on during the journey.

The presented 3 steps have been done-over a couple of times afterwards. 

But, an initial direction allowed the business to start building from, before applying any needed changes along the way.


Digital Marketing Success Input

Stage 1 – Clarity of Services

The following considerations were part of stage 1, specifying and clarifying the business services:

  1. Business services and products need to be crystal clear for customers to buy into.
  2. The website needs to be clear for Google crawlers to rank higher.

To achieve the two sub-stages, the site pages were broken down into appropriate sections and then further into subsections. 

This is because digital marketing is an umbrella term. And, therefore, it is sensible to break down the bigger term into specified sections. Doing so makes it easy for the readers, while also showing to search engines that the business understands the involved details.

This strategy not only provided clarity over the content but also made it easy to target multiple keywords for SEO purposes. As a result, the rankings achieved at the end are not confined to Leicester only, allowing us to target other major cities too e.g. London and Birmingham.


Stage 2 – Market Targeting

Stage 2, around keyword and SEO optimisation, had the following consideration points:

  1. The Keywords Everywhere tool helped to identify the volume search on Google for particular phrases. After the closure of the tool earlier in 2019, we have moved to Keyword Keg now, a subscription-based service from the makers of Keywords Everywhere.
  2. Web pages and added content were written around the identified keywords.

Businesses do not realise that relevance is only one part of SEO ranking. The bigger part of getting ranked on search engines is building authority.

That is why, we currently produce 15 pieces of original content a month around business strategy, digital marketing, customer behaviour, and business in general to maintain our position in current cities, as well as targeting new markets. The ideas for these content pieces come from our day to day business experience as well as utilising current and expected marketing trends.

In addition, there is also a stage 3 to building the authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines.


Stage 3 – Establishing Quality & Authority

Just like real life, a mention by others counts more towards establishing authority in digital marketing. These mentions by other websites and businesses are called backlinks

So, establishing quality and authority was achieved with the following steps:

  1. Designing a backlink strategy and applying it.
  2. Attaining website partnerships with related businesses, helping to push the Marketing Voice brand forward.

In short, by connecting with well established, long running businesses, Google considers us high quality too – The Science of Association.


The Social Addition

SEO is a 360 degree game.

Therefore, the digital efforts are incomplete without a social injection, whether digital or in real life.

In terms of the digital side of social interactions, establishing a strong social media presence is key for any business, let alone a digital marketing one. Therefore, our efforts have gone in the following places:

1. LinkedIn – to interact with other business owners and communicate the Marketing Voice values at a personal but professional level. If you would like to follow us on LinkedIn, click here. In addition, please feel free to connect with our team on LinkedIn by clicking here.

2. Facebook – to build a business community around Marketing Voice. The Marketing Voice community on Facebook is currently over 500 followers strong, all of which have an interest in or run their own businesses. Click here to check us on Facebook.

Marketing Voice Facebook

3. Instagram – to portray the creative side of Marketing Voice. Currently, Marketing Voice has over 2,400 followers on Instagram. Click here to follow us on Instagram.


Marketing Voice Instagram

4. Twitter – to microblog our content and actively participate in relevant keywords and hashtags. In June 2019 alone, Marketing Voice’s tweets were viewed 20,600 times, with an impressive engagement rate of 3.6%. Check us on Twitter here.


Marketing Voice Twitter views

marketing voice rankings on Google - Twitter engagemment


5. YouTube – to effectively use video additions to our content. Diverse content is key to capturing a wider range of targets. As a result, we use YouTube to host our video content, allowing us to provide an added option for content without compromising the size of our pages. (Put simply, heavier pages take longer to load, possibly diminishing interest from the target audience). Check us on YouTube here


From Digital to Physical

People buy from people.

Therefore, it is important to translate the digital connections into physical ones. 

To apply this, we utilise the following platforms:

  1. LinkedIn – to translate engagements into connections. 
  2. Events – to build communities of like-minded businesses. (Sites likes Eventbrite and Evensi are also great sources for backlinking).

Here, you must make sure that there is some form of digital account for the physical interactions, in order to grow in rankings. For example, a simple tag on Facebook or a mention in a LinkedIn post goes a long way.



Within three months of coming into business, Marketing Voice was on page 1 in Leicester for the search phrase “Digital Marketing Agency Leicester”.

Since then, we have consolidated a top 3 position in Leicester, while also extended to a page 1 stay in Birmingham and London. To confirm, please Google “Digital Marketing Agency Birmingham” and “Digital Marketing Agency London”.

A snapshot of traffic to our website for the past 6 months is provided below:


marketing voice rankings on Google - website stats

amazing, yeah?