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LinkedIn Networking


Since the beginning of exchanges among humans, business has always been about going where your market is. 

It’s no wonder a hotel hasn’t been built on the moon (yet). 

Is your business B2C? Well then you may want to explore Facebook. 

But, if your services are B2B, then LinkedIn can become your best friend. 

The Preunderstanding

Generally, we think that professionals use LinkedIn to find new roles, and leaders use it to find the best talent they can pull. 

But, at a business level, this is where the key people are and you can begin your digital interactions here.
Just keep in mind that , like any relationship, it takes time, effort and consistency to succeed on LinkedIn. 

Here, we will go over a strategy to form connections without being recognised as a danger-stranger – Lets not be that person awkward connection who sells everything under the sun.

LinkedIn Subscription Models

LinkedIn has 3 forms of subscriptions for businesses. 

If you lack time and patience, then the freemium version may be ideal for you. This version entitles you to have a profile and using it professional-socially. In other words, within the basic model, you are able to casually engage and build your connections. 

Next, Premium Business package allows you to extend the searchability and visibility. This package will set you back around £50 per month.

Finally, the full professional package with sales navigator costs around £70 per month. Keep in mind that you should only acquire this package if you intend to use LinkedIn to generate further business.

For the said package, the key features are:
1. Unlimited searches

2. Searchability using precise filters. Our favourite is using the business employee count.

3. CRM & tagging to keep track of interactions with those who are out of your 1st connections

A LinkedIn Strategy that Works

Here is a strategy that works and will give you a general direction. For more specific help, please get in touch by filling the form here.

  1. Build your client persona and filter using the industry, including employee headcount and location
  2. Save the list and put profiles into groups for easy management
  3. Search for individuals who share on LinkedIn and a good indicator of those who are looking to engage on LinkedIn.
  4. Filter through individuals who have synergy and interact with posts that have synergy with your views by liking or comment where you can add value
  5. Revisit your list and engage again some time later to start building awareness and some trust
  6. Only send a connection request with a personalised note once they have visited your profile. This is an indicator of interest. If they like your posts or engage then you have hit the jackpot.
  7. Don’t forget to post on your wall, related to your clients persona.
  8. Once connected, look to build private conversation and take it forward from there.
    We should say at this point, the objective of social media is not to sell, but to allow digital connections to become physical with a phone call or even better, a meeting.
    If you would like a detailed strategy for your industry then provide details and we’ll touch base with you.

See our case study of how we meet Bobby Dhanjal through the magic of LinkedIn.

amazing, yeah?