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Are you tired of attending Eventbrite networking events because business owners literally hand their business card before they ask for your name?

Instead, dedicating yourself to one new connection at an event will give improved results. If you’re the person who trespasses into a conversation or starts looking around the room midway through a conversation, then you’re wasting your time on networking.

You will be scanning for an ideal connection at an event, but unfortunately, networking is like finding a needle in a haystack. Unless you’re shooting yourself in the foot, you only have one chance.

Therefore, get your networking strategy in a muddle and your time will feel knotted. This leads me nicely to the power of Social Media. For example, the typical suspects, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram.However, if you think these platforms will bring you sales, then you will need to go back to the drawing board and straighten your strategies. These platforms only bring about 1% of sales for your days of effort. So, how do you reach the true potential of these platforms? See the data here.


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Social media is most powerful when you use it to find ideal connections and contacts. Out of the various options, in our experience, LinkedIn networking is the number one tool to form professional relationships. In the days before LinkedIn, the only method to build relations were:

1) Connections of business friends

2) The pub

3) Old fashion cold calling

Linkedin and Facebook are fantastic free tools to publish valuable content and easily connect with ideal individuals. You may know we have been arranging interviews with successful business owners. LinkedIn networking is the tool we have used to find these entrepreneurs and influencers. LinkedIn marketing is how we connected with Bobby Dhanjal.

Bobby Dhanjal of Bobby Dhanjal Wealth Management is a highly successful entrepreneur, with multiple businesses to share heaps of learnings.

Want to know how?

The Process

1) Know the individual profile of your ideal connection

2) List keywords associated to the business owner that they may be using on their profile.

3) Go ahead and search on LinkedIn

4) Understand their DISC profile of the individual so you can construct a message that resonates with them

5) Indicate the benefits of connecting with you

6) Send the Inmail message if you have LinkedIn Premium or alternatively a connections note.

Bobby Dhanjal is highly known in the Midlands area and incredibly focused. For this reason, it was important to research his business instead of asking time-wasting questions.

I identified Bobby to be a direct and productive individual. So, a short and sweet message was constructed suited to his personality. Within exchanging two notes, a meeting was arranged.

The interview has been published on property Go ahead to see the interview discussion here. It is packed with value, insights and knowledge from the successful entrepreneur.

To summarise this article, ensure you utilise social media to start a connection with your ideal individual, but you will still have to do the heavy lifting relationship building to ensure you have a long-lasting connection. We will leave those details to you to figure out.

If you would like to pick our brain on the topic, you are welcome to get in touch with us.

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