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Instagram Case Study – Organic Growth through Customer Targeting

Instagram got its 1st million users within two months of its launch in 2010. Now, as of September 2018, Instagram has crossed the billion monthly active user mark, making it one of the most attractive places for businesses. Keeping the exponential growth in mind, Marketing Voice decided to take Property Developer Today to Instagram.

Posting Strategy – The Beginning

Property Developer Today is a blogging site for the Home and Lifestyle Industry, featuring unique businesses in the sector. To start off, the following posting strategy was devised:

  1. Weekly posts including business owners interviewed for the blog
  2. Capturing the journey around the UK cities with intentions to take the photography international

Understanding Change

With passing time and spending more effort into understanding the Instagram algorithms, the posting strategy was tweaked to gain improved results. Instagram favours regularity while the spontaneous nature of business networking meant that Instagram could not establish any patterns for the account. This meant that even when the content was right for certain businesses, the posts never reached the intended audience. This is a problem faced by up to 70% of Instagram posts, resulting in missing out on any form of engagement and hence, potential positive results.

Updated Strategy

At Marketing Voice, our strategy has always been to dig a step deeper into understanding our target audience. Therefore, instead of showcasing interviewed personalities, the strategy was diverted to tackle the Home and Lifestyle Industry directly – including Architecture, Interior Design, Property Styling etc. This way, the kind of businesses that are interested in the intended areas of Property Development came to know about the account and hence, the website, making it easier for Property Developer Today to target influencers for feature stories.

Moreover, by understanding the kind of audience on hand and through debunking the page insights, including information on active times, location, and age groups of followers, the posting strategy was directed further. Added effort was put into:

  1. Understanding the role of targeting hashtags and specifying the categories that Instagram is boosting for the page
  2. Picking the right times to post
  3. Engaging through messages and comments with our active followers

Property Developer Today Instagram Growth

  1. Start – August 4th, 2018
  2. 50 Followers – August 13th, 2018
  3. 100 Followers – August 13th, 2018
  4. 200 Followers – August 20th, 2018
  5. 300 Followers – August 26th, 2018
  6. 400 Followers – August 29th, 2018
  7. 500 Followers – September 6th, 2018
  8. 1,000 Followers – September 30th, 2018
  9. 2,000 Followers – November 6th, 2018
  10.  3,000 Followers – November 18th, 2018

In short, with even an intermediate change of strategic direction for Property Developer Today, the Instagram account has hit the 500 followers mark in a measly 32 day period. As of January 12th, 2019, Property Developer Today has 4,714 Followers.

Added Exposure for the PDT Website

As you can see in the image, the account details have also been updated to provide business information on:

  1. Contacting Details – Including Phone, Email, and Location Access
  2. Tickets for Events – By linking Eventbrite to the profile
  3. Breakdown of blogging topics – Extended to providing exposure to team members and businesses featured on the blog

This means that more and more businesses are finding out about Property Developer Today with the following growth, as Instagram is more likely to show a growing account. This, in return, diverts added traffic to the landing website, making the job easier for Property Developer Today in terms of finding more businesses to feature on the sight.

Future Plans

Marketing Voice has big plans for Property Developer Today, with intentions of reshaping the website structure and making the blogging process more effective for partnering businesses. Evolving with the market is a constant process, tested efficiently through adapting to social media changes in the case of Property Developer Today on Instagram. Currently, we are testing a tweak with:

  1. Increasing the frequency of posts on Instagram
  2. Structuring Hashtags and kind of images posted on the account
  3. Using quantitative methods to make further sense of the insights provided at the back-end by Instagram

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