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At Marketing Voice, we have developed a culture of learning and growth. We feel it is important to research and find businesses who share our values.

Thursday 19th July – The team took a trip to Innocent Drinks headquarters in London. The culture of Innocent is second to none, providing an exemplary product while also displaying a fun-loving and cheerful image to their customers.

Through the tour, we learnt that Innocent is an honest and transparent company, that values their staff even after leaving the company. Innocent had a special wall to present the creations of their ex staff, showcasing their achievements as a part of the family.

The company encourages their customers to visit their facilities without requiring them to apply for an appointment. When you do so, you will be greeted with a big smile and shown around the facilities, where you can learn more about their business journey.

Don’t forget to take a complementary box of joy, in the form of a nice juice bottle, at the front door.