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Independent Property Solutions – Business Expansion Case Study

Independent Property Solutions is a major property administration business in London. But, with shrinking returns on property in the capital, Independent Property Solutions is expanding its services to other cities in the UK. Marketing Voice was contacted to start building up the business expansion process through a structured content effort.


The process included the following steps:

  1. Keywords everywhere was used to analyse the business proposition of Independent Property Solutions in cities between London and Leicester. This brought down the list to Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Cambridge, Bedford, Northampton, and Southampton.
  2. A blog was then written to showcase the services of Independent Property Solutions – highlighting its success stories in the highly competitive market of London. The mentioning of London not only shows that the business has withstood fierce competition, but also shows the company is going through a growth phase, from which current and potential investors can highly benefit.
  3. In a business like property administration, it is also important to highlight the trust factor. The trust factor was brought into the mix through demonstrating the personalised service that Independent Property Solutions provide, helped further through showcasing the management team to add a human touch.

The Result

Independent Property Solutions is now a step closer to truly showcasing its abilities to replicate its services outside London. The business expansion process of Independent Property Solutions is now in full flow, thanks to the help provided by Marketing Voice Content Marketing and SEO services.

The full blog can be seen on the official website of Independent Property Solutions.

Independent Property Solutions - Business Expansion Case Study

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