I Decided to Go Limited During the Lockdown: Michelle Brown


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The last 5 months have brought a wide range of challenges.

Amid the current situation, I decided to set up my business to support young people with their career decisions and transition to further education at a time when this is so needed.


Focusing on Solutions

When working with clients I am solution focused.

Specifically, I work with clients to identify their pain-point, the resources they have and the steps and direction they need to take. Whether it be a school that needs a bespoke careers programme or a young person who is unsure on what direction to take after leaving school, the process remains the same.

However, my own pain-point which I am still navigating meant turning the spotlight on myself.


Applying What I Preach

I have gone from being a sole trader of 8 years to setting up a company with extra responsibilities and which requires more from me. Business plans, marketing strategies, customer profiles…. the list goes on.

The same way I work with my clients, I looked at the resources I could access, currently building from there.


Seeing the Bright Side

I have always been a believer in life-long learning and professional development.

In an interesting turn of events, lockdown has been an ideal opportunity to identify the business areas I need to work on, and online courses have been great for this.

I confess, like many others I am all ‘zoomed out’ now. So, it is time to now process and apply what I have learnt.

In addition, I spoke to mentors and coaches who are experienced in the specific areas I want to develop. This has been a huge help and I have been building my support network. 

Most importantly, I am learning to respect my own voice.

There is a lot of advice and information available, but I am learning to draw on my years of experience and my vision. How I think, and process ideas, and plan must not get lost. 

I am still on the journey but making progress!


This feature originally appeared in the 4th edition of the Volta Blue Magazine, and was written by Michelle Powell of ExpressionByM CIC.


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