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Getting Clarity by Starting with the End Goal: Sarah Challenor


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Very often we go into companies to assist with their use/value being obtained from their CRM system. A common phrase used is: “it’s a very expensive address book”. Firms struggle because they do not know the capability of the software. They don’t have the time to learn what it can do and then to learn how to do it. Quite quickly, the situation can become a big headache with no easy route out.


The Starting Point

Even though the reason we have been brought in is generally specific to the software, we always start from the same point. Tell us about your business first; who are you, where do you want to be in three years, and what are your biggest barriers.

In other words, we are interested in where you want to be.


Understanding the End-Game

Understanding the end-game in any situation is key.

If a firm doesn’t have clarity on who and where they want to be in the next 1,3 and 5 years, how can they work towards it? How can they get the team to contribute towards achieving it?

This process can sound simple, but we accept it isn’t a straightforward answer and can require some serious contemplation. However, once you are able to do so, clarity and a sense of direction comes along.


The Rewards of Clarity

Starting with the farthest period, and working back to the soonest, each time breaking down the needs allows you to produce clear objectives for the coming months, quarters and year and ensure everyone’s time is directed to the overall vision of the company.

Once we have this understanding of a firm’s functionality of the software slots in, we have the expertise to know what the software can do, what data is needed, and what outputs are possible. From there on, in every business, there is a client delivery need and a business operating MI requirement. It’s as basic as that. 


The Action Bit

Our expertise then comes in developing a simple plan of action.

Using SMART project plans, we provide firms with the order to tackle the actions needed.

Not everything can be completed at once and we all have a day job to still try and do whilst progressing a business. Every small task accomplished is still in line with achieving your larger goals. 

Our goal is to give clients the specifics to achieving their vision, give them ideas, tell them what is and isn’t possible and guide them to doing it in the most cost effective manner based on the resources, time and knowledge they have. 


This article originally appeared in the Spring 2020 Issue 2 of Volta Blue Magazine and was written by Sarah Challenor from Adviser Outsourcing Ltd.


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