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Evergreen United – Content Marketing and Social Media Promotion Case Study

The market for startups is highly competitive. Along with the presence of well-established businesses with their core customers, new businesses keep popping up to make things even more difficult. Saying this, it is not impossible to still become competitive over time, as long as the right effort is exerted. Marketing Voice is a firm believer in helping out fellow startups, given its history of initial struggles caused by ill-advised help. As a result, Marketing Voice wants to lend a helping hand to new businesses that are willing to try and establish on clear cut, honest ideas.

One such business that has defined its niche well in the market is Evergreen United – a property investment company with a focus on long-term environmental sustainability. In this case study, we will talk about how Marketing Voice came across Evergreen United through social media promotion and helped them establish the initial business credibility through blogging.

Social Media Promotion

Through Property Developer Today, one of the websites managed by Marketing Voice, our marketing agency ran a campaign to connect with fellow Home and Lifestyle businesses. The following steps made the task possible:

  1. The theme used for the campaign was a giveaway on the birthday of one of the founding members of Marketing Voice – Taseer Ahmad.
  2. Evergreen United showed a direct interest in the giveaway, who were then asked to provide themes that the company will be interested in.
  3. On the basis of the theme and keeping the startup nature of the company in mind, a business strategy blog was produced for Evergreen United.

Establishing Business Credibility for Evergreen United

Like a startup struggles without defining its niche, a blog won’t do much for a startup without a theme either. Marketing Voice understands that one of the first things a startup struggles with is demonstrating business intelligence – especially at the point of not a considerable number of customers. Therefore, the best way to use a blog for a startup is to use the theme of demonstrating the said business intelligence. The following steps made the task possible in the case of Evergreen United:

  1. Given the fact that Evergreen United is an investment company – where long-term visions are key – the blog incorporated the idea of long-term focus in business and what are the benefits of doing so.
  2. The blog was written with the help of applying lessons from well-renowned sources, e.g. the Search Engine Journal and Forbes. Building credibility through the credibility of giants is one of the best practices in professional writing.
  3. The blog also demonstrated that Evergreen United is aware of the sector it is trying to cater to – as well as holds the ability to accumulate lessons from connected businesses.

The Result

You can check the blog on the official website of Evergreen United. On a side note, Marketing Voice also helped the company setup its Google Webmasters account – making the process of crawling quicker for the startup. This helps in visibility on Google searches, increasing the chances of getting customers through online channels.

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Evergreen United - Business Credibility for Startups Case Study - Social Media Promotion Case Study

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