Emotional Branding – Standing Out in the Crowd of Options

Emotional Branding – Standing Out in the Crowd of Options

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On 28th of December 2018, my 3 year old nephew asked me why I was buying his birthday present late.

Right or wrong, the standing out brand mindset is engrossed within me and find it difficult to take it away from my personal life. Don’t you like to stand out from the eyes of the innocent? I love it when my nephews come running to me to embrace a hug. I share this experience because the purpose of branding is for a business to stand out.

Last year, I saw my nephew opening plenty of Christmas presents and a few days later, dozens of birthday presents. Every present in the pile unfortunately devalued the one before. And no I didn’t want my present just to make his pile taller whilst competing against his nursery friends who knew first hand what is cool to a 3 year old – Technically I’m disadvantaged.

I took an unorthodox approach.

A day after my nephews birthday party , the 3 year old had quickly recovered from the sugar hangover and cleared his diary for me. In my early days, I loved going to Toys R US, but this experience ended badly because I was pushed and dragged to quickly fit in a 10 minute quick pick up.

I figured a great present is allowing my nephew to roam around at his own will with no time constraints.

Of course Toys R Us is not possible these days, so the next best thing was Smyths.  The rule was any one Toy! I took a massive financial risk of allowing my nephew to choose.  He enjoyed man handling the toys and riding the batman motorcycle. Mixing a product with an emotional experience makes it a memorable one!

The Bones of Branding?

Some people say it is the logo, others say it is the colour. However, I believe it is the emotional experience.

A brand becomes interesting when it offers inspiration.

See branding as taking a role model position – The customer sees their lifestyle being upgraded to the brand through the association.

Not everyone will find a brand inspirational, so this is why the business textbooks always say know your customers profile that include age, demographics, status, background, interests, and so on. Marketing Voice take it a mile further by understanding the customers psychology.

In order for customers to connect with personalities , brands must be authentic and transparent.

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