4 Things to Help you Solve Business Problems More Effectively: Matt Bull


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Being in business is not without challenge, it is not without change.

If business was a binary “input to output” type transaction, we would all be sitting on the beach right now! But things go wrong and problems arise.  So, what can we do to ensure we overcome problems to ensure we continue to grow and reach our potential?


1. Accept Problems Happen

If you don’t like uncertainty and aren’t prepared to face problems in pursuit of your business and personal goals, then get a job.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur and growing a business is the passion and energy that is needed to overcome the challenges that arise along the way. So, enjoy the ride.


2. Mindset is Key

When problems arise, do you put blame on others?

Do you make excuses as to why the problem has happened?

Are you in denial about what is wrong with you or your business that caused the problem?

Or, is a problem an opportunity to review your processes, to make your business better, to upskill your people.

In reality, problems are the best learning opportunities your business can get. So, don’t waste them.


3. Clarify What Good Looks Like

Before going granular and trying to fix the small things, take a step back and say what is a good result here and work backwards from there.

There is no point trying to put out the fire, if the house is definitely going to burn down!


4. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate

With everybody who is impacted by the problem.

So, don’t hide it away and pretend it hasn’t happened. Instead, be on the front foot and be in control.


There is a great saying that ‘it is not what happens to us that matters, it is how we react that really counts’. 

The same applies for you and your business.


This feature originally appeared in the 5th edition of the Volta Blue Magazine, and was written by Matt Bull of ActionCoach.


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