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Unlock Your Power of Communication

DISC profiling is a super tool when you are looking to improve the relationship with your team and clients. 

Moreover, DISC profiling is extremely useful for understanding the psyche of your prospect customers.

Through DISC profiling, your rate of conversion with individuals will increase because information will be presented in a preferred style for them.


Deeper Psychological Understanding

Individuals have natural and adapted styles

On one side, natural styles are how circumstances are dealt with in pressured situations. 

In reverse, adapted styles are learnt from experience and can be used when in relaxed environments. 

In short, you could consider natural styles to be the unconscious and learnt styles to be conscious. In the long run, the subconscious always makes the decision over a period of time.


Understanding DISC

To understand DISC profiling better, place yourself in a category and consider how you approach circumstances. 

Further, profile your close family and friends. 

The more you practice, the better you will naturally profile.

Usually, humans showcase a strong mix between 2 profiles and, on occasions, show signs of all categories. But, we tend to have a dominating style out of the 4 options. These personality traits have been generalised to simplify and provide a tool to structure communication.


A Testing Scenario

Consider this Scenario as a starting point to profile:

You are amongst 10 other individuals waiting for an elevator whilst stressed about a task. Would you:

  1. Quickly enter the lift and press the elevator button numerous times to attempt to get the lift moving quickly (Dominance)
  2. Be the first person to start the conversation in the lift (Influencers)
  3. Wait until everyone has got into the lift to ensure everyone is in before you get in (Steady)
  4. Consider the health and safety, ensuring the weight limit is not over

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