Dominate on Google Grow Your Business 100% Success Record Dominate on Google Grow Your Business 100% Success Record
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See how we’ve got to the top of Google. We’ve outline the process so you know the process


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Content Marketing Blog

Learn how to build trust and engage your ideal website visitors through content marketing.


Have you…

  • Had success from Google Ads in the past
  • Seen an opportunity for your business?
  • Got a plan for your business growth?
  • Been looking for a value for money service

If you’ve answered yes, we would like a 15 minute call with you

Gain Clients from Google


Your competitor on top is stealing your potential clients


Have you got a vision of becoming a market leader?


Google gets you clients outside of your local network

Why You Will Love us

1. Results in under 6 Months

Base your decision of hiring a marketing agency on: What is each client worth? Don’t lose revenue by signing up for long-winded projects, waiting for slow results

2. Pay as you Go – No Contracts

We divide our packages by sets, rather than monthly packages. So, you remain in control and we have to deliver to keep you as a client

3. Get More for Your Investment

Each of our current and former clients will vouch for our credibility, competitiveness, and the ability to achieve results. We are just wired that way 🙂

4. More Cost Effective than Google Ads / PPC

Stop being charged for website visitors on a rented space indefinitely. Instead, have ownership for your ranking position through SEO in the long term

5. Specialists

Instead of dipping our fingers into everything we can get, we only do few things but do them really well.  In particular, for starting clients, we focus on getting you clients through Google

6. Stay with Your Current Web Host

Instead of playing tricks to make your stay and forcing you to join our hosts, we instead focus on our work. Simply, we keep matters straight forward and hassle free

6 Mistakes to avoid a Digital cowboy

  • If they want you to change your website hosting plan
  • Lack of transparency of their work
  • When it is not clear how they get you backlinks
  • When they provide confusing reports
  • Be cautious of jacks of all trades as they rarely get results
  • When they rank keywords with 0 search volume

How to Get Clients from Google

1. Quality Backlinks & Fresh Blog Content

Quality backlinks and fresh, on point, content will get you the results with power & speed. No hidden tricks and shortcuts

2. Data Tracking & (Real) Key Words

You’ll always have access to a simple graph showing daily progress, along with a list of steps that have been taken exclusively for your business

3. Stay Secure 

We use top software, sanctioned by Google, for safety & security. All your information on our servers is always behind walls of encryption, with loss prevention mechanisms

4. Transparency

We share our completed work through Google Suite  dashboard – So you can see what you are buying

About Us

1. City Centre Office

We love to see clients and want to be accessible. You can even come work from our space for the day

2. Problem Solvers

We are entrepreneurs who are passionate about what we do. It would be expensive to employ our skills – Partner with us

3. Knowledge Share

We test and practice our marketing knowledge. Have access to our complimentary Consultancy.

4. Your Brand

Do you like to check what goes on your website? We can run website updates past you first before posing

We Are Trusted

Digital Marketing Investment

Businesses invest into Google because Digital Marketing gives you a fantastic return on investment. Instead of renting your ad space, SEO is your long term, scalable solution. Remember, we have a 100% success rate of taking clients to the top.


Before making a decision over a monthly cost, do your investment calculations. Instead of paying a couple 100 quid a month over 12 or 24 month period, how about achieving results in 3 to 6 months with no contractual obligations to tie you down?


Invest into our Digital Marketing Agency London service today to improve your cash flow stream for tomorrow. Waiting around doesn’t help your cause, given that our prices will also go up as the interest builds. And, once the ground is gained by your competitors, the battle gets harder.

About Us


If  you’re looking for a Jack of all trades, you’re in the wrong place. We only do a select few things, but we do them incredibly well.

World Domination

We specialise in geographical growth. One city at a time. This creates a snowball effect very much in your favour.

Focus Sectors


Problem Solvers

We were entrepreneurs before we were digital marketers. This all started when we learnt to market our property business. This results were truly astounding & we’ve been at it ever since.



Case Study

The Spine Clinic founders, Krishan and Minesh, came to us in May 2019 for help with their Digital Marketing on Google. Unlike many of our clients, the two brothers were already aware of the need for an effective online presence. Their website met most of their requirements – all they needed was help to hone their Google presence and reach that all – important first page of Google’s search engine

Digital Marketing Agency London

industry standards

SEO Skills

Our Google digital marketing methods have been tested, refined and have a 100% results record.

You may have learnt a few things from meta tags to technical processes but you’re only reading the tip of the iceberg of true marketing


Google is the modern day marketing who refers work.

Are you a traditional business who has seen revenues decline? Within 2 years, Google presence will make or break you – Don’t get buried in history


Every Tom, Dick & Harry thinks they can do Google Digital Marketing in London. How many Google specialists can you find?

Traditional digital agencies in London are a problem because they act as jacks of all trades. We simply focus on and do Google well.


We’ve grown our property management business through Google. And, we’ve seen 9 out of 10 digital agencies not practising up to the standards.

We’re here to inject results into the Leicester digital marketing industry and ensure hard working businesses like yours don’t get burnt. 

seo agency London

Our Journey

In 2013, Harmeet began his professional development through  Policing. But, upon taking a dip into business, Harmeet was shocked by the criminal standards of digital marketers.

Today, Marketing Voice is ranked as a top 10 digital marketing agency in London and over multiple cities . We are well connected to industries and have a good business knowledge base. Having said that, the process of Google Digital Marketing is standard. – Are you too busy to make a decision on your Digital Marketing? Just like the appreciation of London property market, the best time to invest is now.

Our Digital Marketing in london process
We strive to be the no.1 Digital Marketing Agency in London. And, we share your goal of business expansion.
Image for Home Page 1


We begin by sharing the keyword search volume from Google  to target your clients looking for your services. None of our efforts will be empty shots, ranking you for searches actually made by your clients.

Image for Home Page 2


 SEMrush will keep track of your Google ranking progress, showing your position number and graph visualisation. And, you can check the progress on our ranking efforts every 24 hours without having to check on Google manually.

Image for Homepage 3


Meaningful connections with businesses and acquiring backlinks is the key to our SEO specialisation. And, we share the work that has been completed through a Google dashboard shared with you.

Image for Homepage 4


Digital Marketing is more than just ranking on Google, having your brand voiced effectively. Therefore, we consider psychological understanding of your clients, including personality profiling, to have your message heard.

amazing, yeah?
Marketing voice review
Andrew Hill
Harry Albert

Marketing Voice…. has a wealth of smashing advice and information. Using Harmeet’s advice, we were able to sign up a new client in the late hours of last night

Samantha Houghton review for marketing voice digital marketing agency / SEO agency market leaders
Samantha Houghton
The Invisible Girl

These guys really know their digital marketing stuff, but what I also found especially endearing is that they truly care about helping other business people.
Thank you so much

appes in rutland
Jacquie Tripp
Apples In Rutland

You don’t meet people like Harmeet and Taseer very often. They genuinely care about establishing a symbiotic relationship. Most marketing companies promise the world, charge you up front and never deliver!!

engrave a gift
Paul Covington
Engrave A Gift

I had little knowledge of how SEO works and having spoke with Harmeet, he offered very valuable advise on specific keywords I should be using which I am very excited to start implementing. He explains everything jargon free and so is easy to understand. More importantly, his passion for helping businesses grow is unique and of great value.

Tree Tots Day Nursery
Nina Patel
Tree Tots Day Nursery

Highly recommend! Professional, friendly and approachable, they provided me with a fantastic insight into digital marketing and the benefits to my business. They have a real passion for what they do and it’s great to work with them!

Parent Monitor
Rajen Thanki
Parent Monitor

Great guys offering a very professional service!

Jonathan Ian Waterman
The Complete ToastMaster

Marketing Voice will always be on hand to help you in a very professional and efficient manor. Highly recommended to all and everyone.

Life and progress
Brian Taylor
Life & Progress

Having attended the no jargon SEO briefing session held by Marketing-Voice, I can highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking a better understanding of SEO and to what your options are…

Ash Shah

Not just another SEO company! We have been thrilled with our experience of Marketing Voice to date… I have been most impressed with their genuine belief to help grow brands and companies. I look forward to our future with them.

spine clinic logo
Minesh Lad
Spine Clinics

Great experience working with with Harmeet, Taseer and their team at Marketing Voice.

We were looking for someone who could help with our SEO and Google Rankings. After attending one of their workshops we decided Marketing Voice were the right people for us. Good quality SEO companies that deliver results are hard to find – 6 months of work with Marketing Voice and we are either number 1 or within the top 3 on our key terms on Google search!

Great guys to work with, results focussed and want your business to succeed.
So many bad SEO companies out there – Glad we found Marketing Voice.

omc global
Jas Singh
OMC Global
Managing Director

Great to work with very professional and very good results in very short time. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

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