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DG Homes – LinkedIn Networking Case Study

Networking through social media is a tricky business. Even apps designed for networking, e.g. Shapr and LinkedIn require an understanding of human behaviour and how people like to be approached.

Digital Psychology in LinkedIn Networking

One of the things that Marketing Voice prides itself in is Digital Psychology – an understanding of human behaviour in a digital world. In terms of application of the ideas, LinkedIn is the ideal platform. Why – you may ask. We talk about it in our blog here.

Approaching DG Homes

In this case study, we will be talking about how we got to interview Gordon Spence of DG Homes – a company that deals with multi-million pound projects in Property Development.

The process of approaching can be broken down into the following components.

  1. Psychological profiling – Marketing Voice has developed a set of personality documentation which helps in determining the kind of person an executive is.
  2. Approach Specification – The next stage is then to determine a message. For example, in this case, it was determined that Gordon is a classic executive – valuing specifics over unnecessary details and a person that respects knowledge.
  3. Closing – Applying the understanding developed, Gordon was sent a short, to the point message, creating instant interest from the personnel. It was also specified how Gordon will benefit from the situation, providing to-the-point information.

The Result

The end result was a blog published on Property Developer Today, showing that LinkedIn networking can produce the results if the right approach is taken – in this case, the establishment of a win win situation. You can read the blog here.