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Truly Boldly You – Conversion Rate Optimisation Case Study

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a methodical way of increasing the number of visitors to a website. More specifically, CRO is the process of creating multiple versions of the same information. On the basis of measuring the CRO information, a business can figure out what works best for a target audience.

By specifying what works for a business or entity, any further efforts can be redirected to improve the click through rates. Based on the information collected, entities can either

a. Let go of what works to a lesser degree as compared to the versions of information / pages that perform the best, or

b. Make tweaks to the low performing links and try again.

Either way, a business can know exactly what their customers or potential customers are interested in through applying the CRO strategy.

Women’s Leadership Coach

Ela is a qualified Women’s Leadership Coach. She is active in many local groups, networking and speaker events,  attracting her clients from face to face interactions.

To improve her targeting, Ela wanted to run a workshop event at a local venue. She wanted to branch out from the face to face interactions and expand her client attraction strategy by moving into online promotions and advertising.

Ela already had a website – Truly Boldly You. All then she needed was a landing page to get people to sign up to attend her workshop event.

To improve her chances of attracting potential attendees, Ela was interested in running a promotional campaign that would include posts on Social Media Platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn etc), Emailing her current mailing list, Paid Adverting via Facebook and printing posters to display.

CRO Strategy

Tom at Marketing Voice broke down the process of developing a CRO strategy for Ela in the following manner:

a. Understanding the campaign purpose, goals, targets and time frames.

b. Determining what data should be collected to show whether the campaign strategy was successful or not.

After the specification of the CRO strategy, the landing page was created.

CRO Strategy Implementation

The CRO strategy was implemented in the following steps:

a. Setting up Google Analytics for the Website, including the landing page.

b. Creating a tagged link for every platform where the event was advertised. A new tagged link was also created every time a unique strategic approach was tried in a campaign.

c. Using Google Analytics to check the traffic coming though using each tagged link.

Results of the CRO Strategy Implementation

Through the implementation of the CRO strategy, Ela is able to know what links performed the best for her event. Google Analytics also provided information on whether the people coming through the links signed up or not.

Through the presented CRO strategy, Ela was also able to understand if a strategy worked on a specific platform or not. If things were not working, this process gave Ela the freedom to make changes to her campaign based on the result instead of guesswork.

Here is Ela’s testimony for Tom.

Tom has set up analytics on my website as well as tracking where event visitors came from, which helps me to decide what marketing platforms to use in the future. Thank you so much Tom for your time, expertise, and professionalism. Working with you is a pleasure. You are reliable, trustworthy and patient when explaining how things work…I would still be in the dark and probably missing out on leads.

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