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The world of internet and websites is no different from the physical shop structure. The only difference is, customers do not magically just come to your website. You must already be using the right words to attract them in the first place.

“Can I Help?”

But, customers coming to your website is not a guarantee for making a sale either. Figuring out what your customers want and how to make sales through conversion rate optimisation is important for your survival and growth.

“How much is this?”

Then, at one point, you will reach a stage where customers will look up straight to buy from you. At this point, you must use conversion rate optimisation to make sure that your customers are landing on the right page at the right time.


At Marketing Voice, we use psychological tools, such as DISC training and customer profiling to match the right web copies with potential customers.

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Small Print

At Marketing Voice, we believe in solid numbers. Therefore, we use tools, such as Google Analytics and ad tracking to map your customer behaviour.

We ask important questions, such as:

a. What is your top landing page? – When customers are searching through Google, which pages of your website are doing better than others.

b. Which features of your website are engaging? – After landing on your pages, what are your customers most likely to focus and click on.

c. What external links are bringing customers to your website?

Back Door

d. What devices are being used by your customers to reach your website?

e. What demographic of customers are your attracting the most?

f. What are the exiting pages of your customers?

By focusing on such information, we get the idea of where to focus on your website and apply our conversion rate optimisation techniques.

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Not your average Joe’s, Marketing Voice is a Top CRO Agency and on the path of further glory beyond borders.


The difference is the quality and extent of Data…. Not just data. We use premium data collection points and Kaizen practices for the best progress.


This is where the fun begins. This is the opportunity to explore fresh options.


Options and ideas are in abundance, but the right execution requires the right planning. We produce assertive decisions to move closer to the business vision of continuous growth.


Now is the time to apply the plans, get positive results, map required changes, make tweaks, and keep going in the loop. Each turn of the loop will guarantee improved results.

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