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Business is more than just efforts to hoarding money. It starts with producing value that builds trusts. Today businesses need to connect with personalities by being in tune – Content Marketing is the vehicle to making a spark with your customer.

Big brands, from P&G to Microsoft, and Apple to Nestle work on creating value digitally and produce content that their customers are interested in reading.


Business strategies, e.g. printed leaflets and door to door sales, have risen and declined in the past. But, even after predictions of declining books sales, written content has stayed around strongly.

Therefore, content marketing is the past, present, and future of Digital Marketing. While others might come and go, your content value will keep generating growth for your business.

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Content marketing is not just about producing value beyond traditional ways. Research suggests that companies that keep a regular connection with their customers enjoy better sales, cut on costs, and have relatively more loyal customers.

What else can a business want!

Education Content Marketing
Develop Strategy

Based on your business, the type of content that you produce will vary. A step forward, based on your business, the kind of language you use will have to be tweaked in order to connect with current and potential clients.

The Goal

Understand What Your Potential Customers Want – If you produce content that no one is interested in, there is no point in producing it. You have the option to advertise your content, but your chances of success are still dependent on generating interest. At Marketing Voice, we hold the ability to dig deep into data and pull out what your potential customers are searching for.


There is no point in putting heaps of information on your website that will be lost in the internet sea. The focus of your business must always be on producing quality content. In order to achieve this, we have specialists writers that focus on one area, and one area only.

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Our Beginnings

Just like charity, digital marketing begins at home. This is why, we get found on Google & Social Media as market leaders. We simply translate our winning skills for our partners and grow together.

Read the story of how Airhorse went from being a startup to the number 1 Airbnb Management Company and our journey so far.

Learning Opportunities

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Our Process
Not your average Joe’s, Marketing Voice is a Top Content Marketing Agency Manchester and on the path of further glory beyond borders.


The difference is the quality and extent of Data…. Not just data. We use premium data collection points and Kaizen practices for the best progress.


This is where the fun begins. This is the opportunity to explore fresh options.


Options and ideas are in abundance, but the right execution requires the right planning. We produce assertive decisions to move closer to the business vision of continuous growth.


Now is the time to apply the plans, get positive results, map required changes, make tweaks, and keep going in the loop. Each turn of the loop will guarantee improved results.

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