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In My Area – Web Design and Web Development Case Study

The Business Proposition

In My Area is an online platform that allows tradespeople to showcase their work effectively. In the trades industry, Checkatrade and Rated People are current market leaders online. However, the said websites are focused on written reviews, not representing the craftsmanship of individuals registered on them.

Identifying and Tackling Issues

A large number of business listings were found to be on the directories. However, the listings were unorganised to see the ideal person for a job, meaning that potential customers are being lost every day.

Moreover, if the market for customer-tradesperson was to be connected effectively, the end result had to be friendly, bringing a sense of connection and trust between the two parties. Therefore, to begin, the user-friendliness of the website needed a solution. To do so, research was conducted, suggesting that customers were overwhelmed and eventually got impatient after seeing five listings that looked the same because they want to look at the quality of the work of the tradesmen. When quality cannot be taken into consideration, the next factor is the price. There is only one way, i.e. down, when pricing becomes a centre of attention as it is not a standard measure of what customers are looking for ideally.

Building Business Foundations

As business leaders, we understand the website development must be in tune with the business plan. We take great care to understand the strategy and also iron out any creases. This process allows us to meet customer expectation:

We built business foundations for In My Area through:

a) Market Research

b) Find issues and potential solutions

c) The Strategyzer Innovation Sprint model and post-it notes – helped in drawing the full customer journey. This led the business to understand the expectations and how to maximise the customer value experience.

d) Focus on User experience and engaging features

Web Design Input

The design is not just how beautiful something looks but how smooth the processes flows. The considerations we took for In My Area include:

1)    Clarity on the customer proposition

2)    Building a brand guideline

3)    Hand designing the site structure

4)    Sketching out the logo and graphic designs

5)    Bringing together the construction and written content

6)    User testing


Exceptionally presented work of tradespeople means a highly engaging website.  In addition, the platform listing also has the feature to display 360-degree imaginary which is exceptional to trades such as builders, bathroom and kitchen fitters. The 360-degree imagery helps customers check the work of the potential tradespersons before hiring, giving them an insight into what to expect from the job.

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