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Cake and Lace – Content Marketing Case Study

Content marketing is key to increasing website traffic, building a rapport with your audience, and boosting conversion rates.

The three main areas we focus on are:

a. Blogging

b. Website copy

c. Email marketing and lead generation

This is achieved through the following breakdown:

a. Website Stats Analysis – By analysing the stats to see what content works best for your audience.

b. Content Tweaking – making the necessary tweaks to ensure you’re making the most out of your content marketing efforts.

Cake and Lace

Cake and Lace is a wedding blogging and inspiration site. The business was suffering from low website traffic and customer engagement, requiring an injection of content marketing strategy to improve the situation.

Content Marketing Strategy 

If we had to break down the content strategy process, here it is:

a. Firstly, we need to understand your overarching business goals. This is imperative for working out the kind of content you need help with.

b. If you need to improve your blog: we can produce weekly, SEO-optimised blog posts with topics that have been validated, and formatted explicitly for web readers. License free-imagery will be provided, and we’ll craft a gentle call to action to round off the post after giving informative copy throughout the body of the feature.

c. To improve your email marketing campaign: we’ll need to analyse and tweak your landing page (or create it from scratch), produce a compelling lead magnet, and then finalise copy for an indoctrination email series. This will kick-start as soon as a lead signs up to your email list.

d. If your web copy needs improving (Product descriptions, FAQ’s, Homepage, About Page, etc.), we can edit (or create from scratch), SEO-optimised web copy that will give your site a new lease of life.

Then over time, we’ll study analytics to see what content your audience responds to best. This is where split testing is vital.

Results | Content Strategy

In the case of Cake and Lace, the following positive results were achieved through the content marketing strategy:

a. Rosie of Marketing Voice increased Cake and Lace’s active users by 15.3% using her blogging strategies.

b. She also created an email marketing campaign and lead magnet with a 20% click-through rate, and a 40% open rate.

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