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How to Build a Supreme Business? – Learning from Nature

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How important is becoming the supreme power in your industry?

Highly important, unless your aim is to just make enough money to live.

But, you don’t just become the supreme power without a path specification – without learning and adapting to the market. And in order to do that for our business, we like observing.

And, what better to observe, but the nature.

There is a theory that suggests that most of our technology has come from learning about other species. For example, Wright Brothers, who built the first aeroplane, built their understanding of aerodynamics by observing birds. This then lead to the next stage of space travel and the other phenomenons, e.g. the manner in which light travels through space.

The Example of Mongrels

Coming back to the business side, in order to become supreme, there must be a mix of observation with powerful ideas.

One of my favourite examples is a Mongrel. For some reason, calling a human a Mongrel is an insult because of the mixed race nature of the dog breed “Mongrel”. But, in reality, Mongrels are one of the healthiest dog breeds. And, that is simply because of generic mixing, leading to more resilient offsprings.

A business must try to become a Mongrel – pick traits from different places and become the best possible over time. In other words, be a Mongrel to become supreme.

This means you should look to collaborate with businesses that bring a different DNA to your product. (Well you can try to be the Jack of all trades but let’s be seriou).

Connection of Marketing Voice with the Mongrel Example

At Marketing Voice, we hire individuals with specific skills and we let them keep improving them. The result, we have excellent people that add great value to our services. These people are experts in their area, helping us provide the right product for each client.

We bring in the supreme nature in every bit of our services. From a supreme strategy to supreme execution, quality is always the main priority at whatever is done here.

And, the results speak for themselves. We have been able to challenge the old, big boys of our industry and we are beating them each day.

At Marketing Voice, we believe that our success comes through our values and culture. And, we intend on maintaining it in the long term to sustain our competitive advantage.

If you would like to be a part of this journey, get in touch with us today.

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