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Build Collective – Coffee with Tara Fraser

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On Sunday, 5th August, 2018, the team headed down to Bristol to meet Tara Fraser. Tara is the director of Build Collective and a certified civil and structural engineer, working with modern materials.

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There are many things to like about Bristol. For example, Bristol’s embrace for diversity and welcoming the LGTBQ community. Exploring the city, you will instantly recognise its love for independent businesses and encouragement to expression.

The meeting with Tara was also insightful. She mentioned how Build Collective Ltd has overcome constant challenges and made a come back from close to shutting the company. After losing 2 directors who were not confident in the business model and gearing up her confidence, she was able to bag projects worth up to a £2 million. In fact, the company has gone from strength to strength over time.

Tara expressed that the business success came to fruition through developing a business foundation that allowed it to thrive. The said business plan is a combination of bringing diversity into work and being employee-centric.

In addition, Tara believes in her team and mentioned them constantly during the interview. To see the full article, visit here.

It was a pleasure helping Tara refocus on her marketing strategy. If you would like to meet us too, get in touch.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of the shots we took during our visit.

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