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Build Collective – Social Media Networking Case Study

Build Collective is a construction company from Bristol that advocates for diversity in construction. The term “diversity” here is being used for both the application of new and improved materials, and the traditional sense – welcoming people from a wide range of backgrounds. Tara Fraser, the MD of the company is a trans-woman – fighting the cause of acceptance in the sometimes narrow thinking that accompanies the businesses in the said sector. Tara has previously worked for top firms in construction, such as Capita, and on major projects, such as an upgrade of the St. Pancras Station in London.

In this case study, we will talk about how Marketing Voice came across Build Collective and helped it tell its story.

Online Networking – Shapr Networking

One of the founding members of Marketing Voice – Taseer Ahmad – is quite active on Shapr – a networking app with the swiping structure similar to other dating apps. The only difference between Shapr and dating apps is simply the intention for swiping left or right – networking and of course, dating respectively. Taseer’s profile is geared towards representing opportunities for Home and Lifestyle business features on Property Developer Today. The following steps complete the online networking story with Build Collective:

  1. Tara approaching Taseer, showing an interest in being featured on Property Developer Today
  2. Taseer presented the requirements for the feature, enlisting the necessary check points that make a business story effective for Property Developer Today.
  3. A meeting time was fixed between Marketing Voice and Tara Fraser of Build Collective.

Telling a Story

Interestingly, before the interview, Tara did not disclose that she is a trans-woman. (Sadly, we still live in a world where these things matter). Tara admitted that she has fun with people’s reactions – and business should be about business anyways. For Marketing Voice, the “telling a story” step took a different shape because of the new addition. The following steps completed the process:

  1. Unlike the traditional art of telling a story, the introduction of a sensitive subject, i.e. inclusivity for LGBTQ+, became a factor.
  2. It was decided that the untrustworthy step of making the sensitivity the focal point of the blog won’t be taken. Build Collective is a serious business with a unique proposition, which should be highlighted through the writing, instead of grabbing attention by including in the topic that Tara is a transwoman. Similar to this case study, the point was still discussed because of being a major part of the story.
  3. The blog was used to highlight what diversity meant in terms of construction – the use of modern materials in construction – the forwardness of Build Collective.

The Result

After further input from Tara, the article was published. You can read the full interview on Property Developer Today and learn more about the commendable work of Build Collective in the construction industry.

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