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Bobby Dhanjal Wealth Management – Influencer Marketing Case Study

Influencer Marketing is the act of leveraging customer behaviour positively towards a brand by establishing connection with an influencer with a good reputation in a field.

In this case study, we will talk about how we landed Bobby Dhanjal – the front face of Bobby Dhanjal Wealth Management and Bobby Dhanjal Estate Agents – for an interview on Property Developer Today. The Bobby Dhanjal brand manages over £180 Million and is a well known name, especially in the British Midlands.

Influencer Targeting – Bobby Dhanjal

Before explaining the approach, we must explain why Bobby was specifically targeted. The following considerations were made, making Bobby an ideal candidate:

  1. Google prefers local searches. This means that when a business website is being established, it is necessary to start locally with any strategy. The extent of localisation in strategies covers everything from SEO to Content, and from case studies to events.
  2. Building up locally also gives a networking edge. Consider this scenario. You go to a local event. You tell people what you do. People ask for examples of your work – which must be relevant to them. In the case of Property Developer Today, showing that a local big name is associated with the business gives a level of credibility that, possibly, cannot be earned through any other process in such a quick manner.
  3. The association of a big name also makes it easier to attract further influencers in the future – especially important for a blogging site like Property Developer Today because the business directly depends on quality blogging.

Approach Strategy for Influencer Marketing

The approach strategy had the following components:

  1. In previous case studies, we have mentioned that Marketing Voice – in line with its focus on Digital Psychology – has created a list of potential personalities that determines our approach message.
  2. Bobby was determined as – what we call – the Duty Fulfiller. Marketing Voice has determined that Bobby
    1. is highly interested in security and peaceful living – showcased by the Wealth Management Business and a charity for local Leicester kids –
    2. works hard and is goal oriented – showcased through his rise in the Wealth Management sector and his companies alpha strategies –
    3. will achieve any target when he puts his mind to it – showcased through his diversification skills, stemming from a single idea initially –
    4. and is somewhat traditional – showcased through his work in the local community.

So, the message constructed needed to point out towards what the interview will achieve – a stepping stone in building a community of Property Developers, where Bobby is a major name. Bobby showed instant interest in helping out the local community and forwarded a request for booking a meeting time.

The Result

Property Developer Today was able to book Bobby for a 45 minute interview – a big achievement, keeping his busy schedule in mind. You can read the blog here, written by the Marketing Voice Content Creation Team. The process of thriving Property Developer Today continues.

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